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BomBitUP APK is an app that lets you prank your friends and family on your android phone. The BomBitUP app allows you to send unlimited emails to your friend’s email account. By using this app, you will be able to disturb others but no one can disturb you.

The best part of this application is that these emails are not considered spam by Google’s spam checker. Thus you can easily prank your friends by using this android application. The app is for entertainment and entertainment purposes only. There is nothing illegal in using this application.

About BomBitUP APK

BomBitUP APK is one of those apps that allows you to make pranks on your friends. By using this SMS Bomber APK on your phone, you can get rid of your boredom by sending free SMS and bulk messages.

With the BomBitUP app, you can also prank your friend through WhatsApp. You can send multiple messages to your friends’ WhatsApp numbers with a single click. The app comes at no cost which means you don’t need to pay anything to get this app on your phone.

Reasons to Download BomBitUP APK

Pranking people has become one of the most popular activities on social media these days. You can do this without going anywhere because there are many apps for this purpose. Now, BomBitUP is making its position by winning the hearts of many people all over the world due to its amazing features.

You won’t be able to make someone else so funny. If you want to push boundaries and create a horror story with your own jokes. With the BomBitUP APK file application, you can send hundreds of fake messages to deceive people.

You can prank your family members by sending unlimited messages for free by downloading the popular BomBitUP APK on your devices. This is a prank application that people can use for entertainment and other purposes. Due to its email blast service, it is one of the best SMS bomber apps.

Functions of BomBitUP App

This app protects its users from receiving spam on their devices. Even, the app offers a feature called Protection List, which protects you from your friends when you are angry. The person using the app is completely safe from it.

There is no limitation on the time and place for the user to run this application. So, you can prank your buddies anytime and anywhere with bulk SMS. Make sure to not indulge in illegal activities as you are responsible for your mistake.

By using this app, you can send emails with every huge quantity and make others uncomfortable. In this way, you can also take revenge on others if they have disturbed you by any means. Thanks to the developer of this application, you can send free SMS in an unlimited number on your android.

Send Unlimited Messages

With the BomBitUP app, you can send unlimited messages around the world. This awesome android app also supports internet mobile numbers. Your identity will never show to the other person.

You will have the option to send SMS as there is no SMS limit. You can send SMS anonymously to anyone, whether it is your friend, relative, or any anonymous person. BomBitUP SMS is a great online app for sending unlimited messages.

Apart from this, it also allows users to protect themselves from any retaliation. Users can stop receiving useless messages from friends and family members. The app was primarily developed in India, however, due to the increase in the popularity of this application, it is now being used all over the world.

Protect Yourself From Getting Spam

There is a protection list that BomBitUP gives to the user. You will be safe from others’ attacks or jokes. In order to protect your email and phone number, you can add them to the security list. You will have to click on the three-bar icon that you can see on the top side of the app.

From there, you’ll see plenty of features to choose from, but you will have to click on the protection list section from the list of features. Click on it and fill in various requirements like name, phone number, or email. Then, click on Protect Me to start the protection process.

So if anyone is planning to pull your leg, you can take the initial step in order to avoid this type of situation. Thus, when you download this application on your android, you can be saved from others and not let others disturb you.

Features of BomBitUP App

Custom SMS: You can download BomBitUP APK on your phone to send custom messages and SMS. In this way, you can fool your contacts and all the people in your contact list. The developer of this app lets its users have so much fun.

You can use the custom messages feature in BombitUP to have fun by disturbing others with the help of an internet connection.

SMS Blast: By sending unlimited SMS to your mates, you will make them worry about the sender. They will begin to find out who is this person and thus you can enjoy this situation and make them more worried by pranking them.

Call Blast: This is an amazing thing that will allow you to have more fun than you can imagine. This feature allows you to make calls to anyone and disturb them. You will have more options if you are planning to disturb your buddies and make them worried.

Email Blast: You can use fake emails and send unlimited messages in the latest version of this app. Just download this app on your phone so that you can begin to use this interesting feature of this app in order to send tons of SMS.

Call Pinger: If we talk about more than we can also send missed calls along with sending unlimited SMS. In this way, if you give missed calls to anyone, he will be disturbed and start screaming and cursing at the other who did this. And in reality, it’s you!

Protection: You can also download this app on your phone to be protected from others. For example, if a person has downloaded this app on his phone then you will be protected with the help of its protection feature. In order to do this, you will have to enter your number and email in the BomBitUP app.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BomBitUP APK


You can download the latest version of this SMS bombing application on your phone as it is completely free. In this way, you can use spam unlimited emails to send your contacts SMS blasts. You can send tons of text messages and make anonymous calls by using many interesting features of this SMS bombing app.


This SMS Bomber APK is not available on the Google Play store. That’s why in order to download BomBitUP APK on your android device, you will have to get the APK file of this app from third-party websites instead of the play store.

Install BomBitUP APK File on Android Devices

Click on the download button to get the BomBitUP APK download link in order to download BomBitUP APK file on your phone. Go to the settings of your phone and enable unknown sources to install BomBitUP APK file on your device.

Find the downloaded file from the file manager and tap on the install button. When the installation is completed, you can open this app and send unlimited messages without revealing your phone number.

Note: If the current version you are using is old, then you should try to download the latest version of BomBitUP on your android so that you can get the maximum of this android application for free.

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