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Evil Operator

Evil Operator

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About Evil Operator

Want to prank your friends with simple yet funny tricks? Then try Evil Operator APK as it allows you to connect two friends in your contacts list to a call so that each of them thinks that they’ve called the other.

You can also enjoy a prank later thanks to its call recording function, which can then be shared with your friends.

Let’s discuss some key features of the Evil Operator app:

Easy to use: After clicking on the application icon you have to enter the number of the friends you want to call. Your call will be forwarded to them and on their phone screen, they will receive each other’s phone numbers.

Tokens: If you want to have more fun with your co-workers, make sure you buy enough coins to make calls.

Share Chat: You can make your other colleagues laugh by sharing your conversation with them later. They will be amazed to hear his recording.

Funny voice: In group calls, you can apply funny voice effects so that they never recognize that you are appearing in their voice call.

Conference: You can show your presence on a conference call. Making a conference call is optional, you can easily record their audio call or if you want to participate in a video call, you can easily do so.

Play Ringtone: When your partner receives a call you can play the call ringtone so that the ringtone will annoy them and it will surely annoy them and they will get angry with the caller.

Download Evil Operator app on your phone and enjoy pulling pranks on your friends.

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APK 1.252 (714 KB)
Safety Check:

The Evil Operator has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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