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Make prank calls to surprise friends.



Evil Operator APK is an Android app that can be used to make phone jokes that allow us to connect two users as if they were actually communicating with each other. With this APK, you can create many unforgettable memories with all your loved ones and also share them on social media. Someday you will remember him.

You can use this application to play funny jokes on the phone. This allows you to add two friends by calling your contact list, each of whom thinks they called each other. But that’s not all, because then you can have fun, thanks to the call recording function that can be shared later with our colleagues.

What can we do using Evil Operator APK?

The app Evil Operator allows us to make free calls every day, but thanks to its token system, we can ignore the limit that allows us to buy more calls as well as remove the time limit for calls, on our own. Check the history of jokes, and blocked numbers.

You can use the Evil Operator app to play funny phone jokes. You can apply the voiceover effect in real calls and share chat later. Although there are many other voice changer apps that allow this app to be downloaded, it has real-time voice changing effects.

How to use Evil Opertaor APK?

After clicking on the Evil Operator icon, you need to enter the number of friends you want to connect with. And your call will only be sent to them and on their phone screen, they will get each other’s phone numbers. This will make them feel like they are connected to each other. You can even call them directly by applying voice-changing effects that will never tell them who you are.

If you call them from a new number, they will never tell you. The conference call will not reveal your identity, your friends will wonder if they called each other and will never know who made the call, they will record your call afterward. They will be surprised to share. You can play a ringtone on call when your partner receives a call. You can also record this call. It can be shared with them later.

About the application

It is a prank call app that will let you call your friends with a prank they called each other. You can record their calls and listen to their conversations. You can also send recordings of their calls later. All you have to do is enter the two phone numbers that we want to associate with the active site on the interface for this and set the maximum length of the call.

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