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Shazam – Music Discovery

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Shazam is an amazing music recognition app that allows you to find songs in one tap. This app lets you discover any song by matching it from its huge database in no time. Now, you don’t have to ask anyone for the song playing in the background.

All you need is to open the Shazam app and get your phone closer to the source from where the sound is coming. Then wait for almost 5 seconds till the app recognizes the music. After this, you will be provided with enough information related to the song such as its name, artists, album, etc.

Let’s take a look at the features provided by the Shazam app:

Music discovery: Shazam recommends similar songs based on the user’s Shazam history. Therefore, you can find suitable songs for you.

Song Identification: It lets you quickly identify songs running in the background in no matter of time.

Lyrics: Shazam provides users with lyrics for selected songs. This way you can sing the correct words while listening to the song.

Music Videos: This app allows users to watch music videos of selected songs. Isn’t it amazing to listen to the audio while watching the video?

Artist Information: Shazam provides users with information about the artist, such as their biography, songs, and social media profiles.

Create playlists: It allows users to create and share playlists of their favorite songs. Now you don’t have to search for your favorite songs every time.

Shazam Charts: It provides users with real-time updates on the most popular Shazam songs around the world.

Integration with music streaming services: Shazam can be connected to music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify, allowing users to listen to selected songs within the app.

If you also want to identify songs quickly then download the APK of the Shazam app right now!

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Safety Check:

The Shazam has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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