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Develop your farm by breeding rabbits.



Bunniiies APK is a puzzle game where you have to raise rabbits to prepare your farm. Developed by Zero-One, Enjoy a nice job today where you will need to run a rabbit farm. You can then find all different types of rabbits, watch them grow, and even feed them. You can discover and raise new bunnies by pairing them with cute and cute new bunnies today.

Combine a blue and yellow bunny to make a beautiful green bunny. About 1000 different rabbits are available. The athlete aims to create new breeds by collecting different types of rabbits, but also to train them to compete in various events and competitions.

Why should we download Bunniiies APK?

If you’re looking for the perfect rabbit game, try Benz the Low Rabbit today! Here, you will enjoy a bunniiies puzzle game where you can play with more than a thousand rabbits! Here, you can even decorate and customize your mill to make it stand out. In this game, you can now participate in mini-games and win prizes.

You can start your rabbit farm with a farm and then discover thousands of them today. Today you can find rabbits of different colors and different shapes. You will take care of them here today, so you will have to feed them, wash them and even pet them to get more rabbits. Here, you will need to protect the rabbits from foxes, owls, zombies, and other insects of the day. Taking care of rabbits is the best job in the world!

How to play Bunniiies APK?

Bunniiies is a puzzle game. Your task is to raise rabbits and prepare your farm. During this trip, you will be raising and taking care of several types of rabbits, mixing them together to form new breeds. Also, rabbits need to be trained in many skills so that they can compete with other farm rabbits in-country competitions and competitions.


Here are the features of Bunniiies game.

  •  Collect over 1000 cute bunnies.
  • Find all the legendary rabbits.
  • Watch your bunnies live with cute animation
  • Discover the beautiful farms where your rabbits live.
  • Pair your rabbits to discover new colors.
  • Feed them, take care of them, wash them…
  • Sell ​​rabbits to save a lot of money.
  • Beware of foxes, owls, and zombies
  • Personalize and decorate your mill.
  • Participate in fun mini-games and win special prizes.
  • Win contests to customize the joint with super cool coins.
  • Join the awesome community on Discord.
  • Discover daily tasks and competitions.
  • Take advantage of new products every month!

What can we do in Bunniiies APK?

You can enjoy a collection of more than 1000 cute bunnies today where you can get one in different colors. Today when you mix rabbits of different colors you get different results. You can also raise rabbits to earn money. Then, you can customize your rabbit farm and buy a variety of plants, wallpaper, bedding, and more.

Create and personalize your adorable mill to welcome your legendary rabbits! The joys of interior decoration are yours and design pieces that are too cute. Win all decoration items like:

  • Plants
  • Beds
  • Decorative objects
  • Wallpaper
  • Original floors
  • Boats
  • Rockets
  • Adorable furniture for rabbits

Note: Please note, at the first launch you must choose whether you want the safe version or not: the adult version is not for children!

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