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Create creatures in your lab and unlock new cards.



Card Wars Kingdom APK is a fun card game based on the popular TV show Adventure Time. Here, you have to become the king of card duel and fight with your favorite characters. To start the Card Wars Kingdom game, the player must choose a character from a list of characters, such as Art, Jack, Vampire Queen, Marceline, Ice King, or Princess Bubblegum.

Next, the player must discover the magical powers that each of these characters possesses. The player’s goal is to destroy all of his opponent’s creatures in order to become the “Cool Man”. So what are you waiting for, take command of your team and devise a good strategy to destroy your enemies.

How to play Card Wars Kingdom APK?

To get started, choose from Finn, Jake, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Ice King, or Princess Bubblegum and discover each character’s magical powers. Your goal is to destroy all your opponent’s creatures to become a cool man. So if you want to destroy your opponents then take command of your team and make a good strategy.

There are several characteristics to your magical creatures and cards that you should consider when placing them on the table. Each person has his own amount of energy. You cannot walk without energy.

To understand all the mechanics and types of attacks, you should complete the tutorial at the beginning of the game, as each character is unique and each action leads to a different reaction. Build a general strategy with all your cards to defeat an opponent or ask your friends for help.

What can we do in Card Wars Kingdom APK?

In the Card Wars Kingdom APK, you can create creatures in your lab, and unlock new cards that will help you improve your deck. The game is packed with Adventure Time’s sense of humor, giving fans a chance to enjoy the art and Jack in each game.

Fight against users from all over the world, fight in the dungeon, and let Jack enjoy being better than anyone else in this fun game.

Adventure Time is a Cartoon Network animated series that is loved by both children and adults. Enjoy Card War Kingdom for Android with Arts & Jacks. There are a huge number of combinations with over 200 cards, so no two games are exactly the same and you can have fun opening each card.

Most of the fun certainly comes from the crazy nature of the card descriptions, though if you prefer a game with a strong story or theme, you can miss out on here.

Purpose of Card Wars Kingdom APK

Card Wars Kingdom APK is a card game based on the popular TV cartoon “Adventure Time“. In the Card Wars Kingdom APK, players need to become the king of card duel and then fight against their favorite characters.

Based on the anime episode of the same name, Card Wars is a great parody of card games – a collecting style where players pit cards against each other with different stats.

The Card Wars Kingdom is the same but greatly improved. Your card creations compete in a clear and graphic environment, and there are many online additions, such as daily contests. The medium game includes building a team from your cards and fighting with another team, card fighting values, magic attacks, and more.

Character’s functions

Magic cards and each of the player’s creatures have their own unique characteristics that the player needs to consider before placing them on the table. Each of these creatures and cards has its own specific energy. Without energy, cards and creatures will not move. To understand the mechanics and types of attacks, players must first complete the tutorial mode at the start of Card Wars Kingdom APK.

This is recommended because each character in the game is unique in its own right and each of their actions leads to different reactions. To defeat a stronger opponent, players must combine their strategy with their cards or they can ask their friends for help. So download the game and enjoy playing it.


  • Standard artwork and sound
  • Powerful Battle Card Mechanic
  • Adventure time entertainment character
  • Merge creatures together or upgrade their power.


  • It doesn’t make any sense if you don’t follow Adventure Time.

One of the best card games

The best thing about the Card War Kingdom is that it is not just a parody of a card game, but it really stands alone as a good card game. Fans of these collectible games will enjoy the mechanics and fans of the series will be impressed by all the inside jokes and crazy jokes. You get a lot of free stuff with this game and fun add-ons like Creature Lab that give you something different.

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