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Get unlimited resources to play the game.



Clash of Lights APK is a private server for Clash of Clans on Android. This is an amazing private server that will help you throughout the game while also giving you some really cool features. Herewith this server you will play this game with a brand new story and version. Download Clash of Lights on your Android phone, you will surely get gold, gems, nectar, etc.

It is compatible with any version of all Android devices, and you can combine it with other people to make it a more enjoyable and engaging experience. The game has gained immense popularity and following fans around the world. This is an amazing private server that will help you throughout the game and at the same time give you some really cool features.

Why should we play Clash of Lights APK?

It will be completely different from the official game. You will experience some really amazing and different battles with her. Not only fighting, but you will also find new and interesting surroundings around you. This will improve performance as well as increase game speed.

Once you start playing the game with this new private server, there is no going back. Even if you are a fan of the official game, you will only play this game through this server. So, download Clash of Lights and enjoy a stable, powerful, reliable, and highly private server for the popular Android game.

Play on a private server

Here the battles you will participate in are different from the normal game because the server configuration has changed. The latter modifies values ​​such as speed or aspects of items such as units or buildings. Play with more gold, more nectar, and more of everything!

Clash of Lights Server 1 mainly deals with managing your troops, such as military uniforms and combat training. In addition, this server gives you access to indomitable battle strategies that help you build halls and cities over time.

A lightweight game

As the name suggests, this is a lightweight modified game, which loads less RAM into your phone. Usually, you will see that the official version of any game or app comes with better performance but here the situation is different. Here you will see that this modified private server will give you better performance. It will improve your overall gaming experience.

Chat code system

The chat code system in Clash of Lights is known as the command feature, which has many features, such as the /add spells command, which can unlock up to 500 eligible spells in your account. There are many different commands to upgrade buildings, heroes and enhance soldiers’ abilities, which is really cool.

Get unlimited resources

You can also get maximum resources including unlimited gold, gems, and nectar. There is no doubt that SI is considered one of the best mod servers in the game as it not only gives you a taste of the real battlefield but also works on simple techniques.


  • Now you will get 99% uptime.
  • Lots of in-game resources
  • You will also find a self-attack mode.
  • 100% working on the newly added ‘Tribal Feature’
  • Save your game and restart where you left off.
  • Advanced and administrative commands to play your way
  • New PVP trophies and trophies have also been added and will be unlocked easily.
  • You will get frequent updates from us for the best and fastest gaming experience.

Requirements to play Clash of Lights APK

To play, of course, you need to download the official app as well as Clash of Lights from FHX, one of the most popular servers around. Anyway, before arriving, you should know that it is intended for advanced players who can be considered experts.

  • You must have a strong connection to the state of the Internet.
  • Install the application manually.
  • It is important to go to the settings of your Android device and check for unknown sources.
  • If your address does not have an Internet connection, a Wi-Fi network must be connected.

About Clash of Lights APK

If you are a fan of Clash of Clans, then you have probably searched for something like Download Clash of Clans Private Server APK 2017 on Google. But if you are not very interested in this game, you might be wondering what the game is all about. About the business of a private server? Well, this is the server of this game where you can play COC but with different parameters to the official ones. Download the app and have a different experience with Supercell Strategies.

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Android 4.0.3
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