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FaceApp is a photo editor that comes with many creative and funny filters on your photos. It helps you change the gesture of your face with many advanced AI tools.

In order to use the FaceApp, you will need to take a selfie or provide the app with any photo that you want to edit. Then select one of the given filters to make changes in your photo.

Let’s get to know the following features offered in the FaceApp:

Transform Your Face: With the help of this app, you can change the expressions of your face with many amazing filters. Put a big smile in your sad photos and change the hair color as well.

Switch Genders: Get to see the opposite gender of yourself in case you wonder how look as the opposite gender.

Age Filters: Make yourself look like a child by using the AI filters offered by FaceApp. You can also see the older version of yourself here.

Add Accessories: Enahnce the beauty of your photos by adding gold chains, necklaces, and glasses in your photos.

If you do not want your hours spent on photoshopping then you need to download the APK of FaceApp from here.

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Safety Check:

The FaceApp has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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