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Play the role of an Asian warrior to save the world.



Mir4 APK is a role-playing game where you play the role of an Asian warrior. In this universe, there is always another mission that you will have to complete, and each adventure is more exciting than the previous one. Complete assigned missions or explore the map as you wish.

This APK is developed by Wemade co ltd where you can wage war against other characters to get amazing rewards.

About Mir4 APK

MIR4 is a Role Playing fun RPG set in a medieval fantasy world environment where players can choose from different classes of heroes and explore a vast open world. The app also has a combination of automatic machines and the ability to mine virtual money, so many people are interested.

It is a fantasy MMORPG game developed by Wemade co ltd that you can download on your phone. The game allows you to make your character battle in our war. The story begins from the peaceful life and millennial history where you face various adventures. The more effort spent in a game the more the character growth system will improve.

Why Do People Download Mir4?

Many people want to play RPG games on their android phones. RPG or MMORPG genre is a very popular genre. Mir4 is an open-world RPG that allows you to join forces with other warriors. It is a truly immersive experience with many great features.

From stunning graphics to a world full of characters and countless things waiting to be discovered, this vast world will make you hooked. The sophisticated ai system moderates and prevents bot farmers and provides you with a safe trading environment.

Gain Absolute Power in the Vast World

Quests often revolve around the objective of defeating monsters, fighting bosses, eliminating a specific threat to the valley, or finding and collecting items as needed. When your character is upgraded with enough points, the power stats also increase.

Just like in an MMORPG, as you advance across the map, you’ll meet other warriors with whom you can trade and form alliances. To move your fighter, click on the virtual joystick on the left side of the interface. On the right, tap the buttons to perform incredibly dynamic attacks.

Not only that, but the character can also learn new skills such as oriental martial arts combined after leveling up and increasing them through accumulated experience points. Each of these newly acquired skills will have the same attack range and effects.

Functions of Mir4 APK

This RPG game is free to download and access. In addition, the gameplay works smoothly on all Android devices. Either you are using an old Android device or you have purchased a newer one. The game works perfectly without any third-party integration.

The gameplay is designed with a focus on advanced AI controls and integration. Where players can keep the whole game in auto mode and enjoy playing it without any effort and fraudulent transactions. Apart from automation, an AI trading platform feature was added to avoid abnormal transactions.

New Growth System

MIR4 includes a variety of development systems so that one can become robust with time and effort. A small difference can change the result. Wars are not fought by force alone – strategy and war tactics are essential in the development system.

It is a unique open-world game where you will face countless battles in which you have to make sure you win and get the ultimate reward in countless glorious battles. There is a new content which is dragon worlds rift. You can use oriental movement to get great rewards.

Features of Mir4

Modern RPG: This is a modern RPG game where you can defeat your enemies and save your life. You will have to grow stronger in order to face the heart-pounding experience of battle. You will get a handsome reward and a diverse growing system. You can also have ancient dragon and blue dragon statues in this app on your android.

Highly realistic graphics: The 3D graphics in MIR4 are great to play in this game. Thanks to the Unreal Engine, you can enjoy beautiful 3D scenes with beautiful details and textures. You can zoom in and rotate the camera as you move your character to get the best perspective.

Create your character: Here, you can create your own character by choosing from 4 different classes given on the screen. Each one is unique and has characteristics and skills that make them dangerous. You can use your characters’ warriors to reveal the history of Rockcut tomb and get rid of evil.

Join a clan: You can also join clans to level up faster. You will have to make your clan the strongest clan and get heroic items and bragging items. You can then take part in raids and other missions with your clanmates and enjoy endless adventures. Claim loot and chat with each other so you can enjoy their company!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mir4


There are many key features of this app. The bugs are fixed in the new rendition of this app on your android. The castle siege and blue dragon statues are great rewards that you will get from my battle to our war. You will also have an ancient dragon in this APK for your clan’s honor.


Downloading third-party apps are not safe on your android. These apps may have viruses that can hack your android.

Install Mir4 APK on Android Devices

Click on the download button to download the latest version Mir4 on your android. Go to the settings of your device and enable unknown sources. The apps that are downloaded on android need to allow this permission.

Find the downloaded file from the file manager and install this game on your phone. Open the APK on your android and have a great adventure. If the current version installed on your phone is outdated, you can follow the same method to get the app in the updated version.

Note: You can also access this app from its official site to have a great epic story in an elegant style.

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July 28, 2022

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