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Customize aspects of your home screen, icons, and folders.




Nova Launcher Prime APK is a launcher download tool that allows you to resize and customize your phone as you normally would. Nova Launcher Prime aims to create a highly customized, responsive, and smooth experience on your Android mobile device. In this way, all users of this player will overall find it very convenient and easy to use.

It is the best launcher for Android devices. It has many useful features, and everyone can customize their Android. Create widgets and clocks, and change the style of icons and applications. One of the outstanding features of Nova Launcher is its excellent graphic quality. Even the simple act of swiping your finger to switch between desktops shows sweeping changes in three dimensions.

Why Should We Use Nova Launcher Prime APK?

If you have an Android smartphone and want to update your phone’s default interface with a new launcher your way, then Nova Launcher Prime is the best app you can focus on. With this app, you will no longer feel that your phone is always the default through any interface, but it will impress users more than the way you use and train the phone.

Nova Launcher allows you to use your gestures on your device. You can also configure shortcuts to move your Android device. The paid version includes only a few features.

Simple and Easy User Interface

Apart from the fact that there are so many features, the app is still surprisingly fast. You can control all the actions in the blink of an eye. There is no degradation or degradation in quality due to the appearance of the application. When you have a lot of different apps, scrolling through them can be a banner.

Create sub-grids and folders to organize your apps: Now, not a single moment of dirty and cluttered apps will waste your time. So, now you can easily find all your different apps in the appropriate folders and subnets. Each app will be placed in the correct folder and style.

Advantages Of Nova Launcher Prime APK

When you choose Nova Launcher Prime APK for Android, you will get additional features. The basic version still has a lot of ads in the way of your experience. But, this premium version will get rid of them all for you. Enjoy the app without any distractions or limitations. This includes various colors, themes, backgrounds, widgets, and even various visual effects.

In addition, you can customize the icons on your various desktops and back up your settings and import them to other devices. This means that if you like the pattern on your mobile phone, you can easily put it on your Android tablet as well. A true treasure trove for dedicated Android fans.

Change Your Device Color

There are many different preferences when it comes to the preferred colors. So why should you be limited to the specific colors generated by your device? Just use all apps to access dozens of amazing colors. Change the colors of many aspects of your device. This will include folders, wallpapers, scroll bars, searches, and more!

In addition to changing your colors, you can also change the effects of scroll transitions and other animations. We understand that simple things like scrolling can be a bit painful. You can change all the animations while switching between the different screens on your device.


Nova Launcher Prime Free works as a license in the Nova Launcher app. You have to install it first.

  • Control desktop, app drawers, mail, and folders.
  • Customize icons on your device to suit your personal taste.
  • Easily save and reload any of your custom settings.
  • Nova Launcher transforms your home screen, giving you powerful features that you will soon realize you can’t live without.
  • Nova Launcher is free to install and has no ads or time constraints. If you decide you want access to all the features, Nova Launcher Prime is a low-cost one-time purchase.

Premium Features Of Nova Launcher Prime APK

  • Configure dozens of apps in the app drawer using drawer folders.
  • Easily view notifications or unread items via notification badges or dots, these are all customizable.
  • Quickly launch Nova Action or apps with gestures on the desktop, such as a pinch, swipe, or two-finger swipe. (Settings> Indicators).

Personalized and Fun Experience

Nova Launcher Prime APK is a powerful and beautiful launcher that allows you to customize aspects of your home screen, icons, and folders. It has beautifully combined capabilities to offer a different home screen full of new possibilities.

Take a simpler and less intuitive method. However, with Nova Launcher Prime APK you can customize all your icons. Get a more personalized and fun experience with your phone. It will amaze you with its beautiful launcher and following all the current trends.

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What's new

Nova Launcher Prime acts as a license for the free Nova Launcher App. You will need to install it first. Updates are released as part of the Nova Launcher app, please see the changelog there.

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