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Smartcric APK app is a great Android app related to sports. – to keep you up to date with the latest developments in the world of cricket. The app collects data and works with the BitSense cricket data sensor. It’s the perfect app for professionals, coaches, athletes, and even amateurs, providing insights and fundamentally changing the game.

The Smartcric app displays multiple parameters about batting performance and contains many features that enable players and coaches to analyze and improve batting performance. With this app, you can directly enjoy your favorite T20, Test, or ODI cricket match. You can download the Smartcrick app on your phone from here and play the match of your choice.

How to use Smartcric APK?

Users can easily access the latest and featured cricket content under the featured tab. The next tab will take you to the news where you can access everything related to the world of cricket on and off the cricket ground. The performance tracker, after collecting data from Batsense, is equipped with data processing to help you train, analyze and evaluate cricket betting.

Players and coaches can use the Smartcric APK, allowing players to analyze their game and even contact the coach and get real-time advice from the coach. On the other hand, coaches can communicate with their players or players and direct players in real-time wherever they are.

Advantages of using Smartcric APK

Smartcric APK is an app that provides the latest cricket news with the match scorecard for free. It is a smart cricket solution and app for tracking cricket performance. This Android app is very easy to use and has an excellent interface. Also, using this app will not cost much of your phone’s memory. You’ll find expert reviews and analyses.

By using this app, you will be able to get the latest cricket match news from all around the world. Set notifications to notify you when a limit appears. Choose your favorite cricket team to keep up with your player’s performance and stats. Also, you will get all cricket season updates in advance.

Betting parameters in Smartcric APK

The data collected via our Smartcric APK betting sensor, BatSense, and collected through the SmartCricket app is presented in 11 generic parameters that can help you tweak, tweak, change or correct your game. Parameters such as paddle speed, bat angle, back height, follow, and impact angle will bring a new way to the game.

This app collects data from Cricket Bats’ sensor, BAT Sense, and works with it. After collecting data from Performance Tracker, Betsy’s, the app is equipped with data processing to help you train, analyze and evaluate Cricket Hunting.

Compare videos

This feature allows you to compare videos of different shots, study the differences and deviations of the different shots played, perfect your technique, and even correct or alter the shot. Videos like this also help to practice in a purposeful and focused manner.

Smart video

The SmartCricket app can be allowed to use your mobile camera. It can record videos of your games from any angle and play them even in slow motion. It also provides easy viewing with the AutoCut feature, which cuts out the snapshots to show only the clips that have been played back.

Shield mode

Connects the player to the coach. Instructors are given direct access to all live session data and 3D avatars. With the goal-setting feature, the coach can set goals for players based on hitting criteria. It can also set goals by session, day, and month.

3D shot analysis

A 3D simulation of your smart bat’s swing, from backflip to follow. It follows the trajectory of your bat, providing a 360-degree view of every shot played. This way, you can watch your footage online and offline from any angle.

Analytical reports in Smartcric APK

The coach can also view analytics reports to track progress against set goals and individual criteria. A weekly or monthly progress analysis can also be prepared by the coach to help you better assess the situation. The coach can analyze the data of multiple players and create a comprehensive and customized training program for each of them.

With the Smartcric APK, a coach cannot make such a moment count. The coach can communicate with the player from anywhere in the world and provide real-time guidance.

What's new

Performance Improvement and minor bug fixes.
A new feature was added to enable players to view and select their favorite BatSense stats (e.g. Efficiency, Backlift angle, etc.) to display on the video while recording the smart video session or in smart video playback.

File Information

Package Name
Op. System
Android 5.0
2.2 MB
December 17, 2020

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