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Tachiyomi is a manga app that lets you discover and read manga on your phone. This app has one of the best manga to read. Moreover, you will find hundreds of sources to choose your favorite comics with updated content.

So whenever you finish reading any manga, you will not have to wait for the next one. After selecting the manga you are interested in, you will be shown various manga related to your choice. You can add them to your library to read them later.

Here is the list of some known features of the Tachiyomi app:

Huge Manga Collection: The app enables users to access and read as many manga as possible. You can install different extensions and read manga for free from different sources around the world.

Manga Download: You can download your favorite manga so you can read offline when you don’t have an internet connection.

Track Your Manga: The app also tracks your manga automatically. These include MyAnimeList, Shikimori, AniList, Bangumi, MangaUpdates, and Kitsu. You can use them all to track your manga to get the latest chapters of your favorite manga instantly.

Personalization: Users can customize the app settings to get the best mega reading experience as per their preferences. The app lets you set your desired reading mode, filter with custom colors, and more. Additionally, you can change the theme and customize the time and date format.

No Registration Required: You do not need to register yourself to use the Tachiyomi app. You can use this application without any worries.

People who like Manga a lot, can download the APK of the Tachiyomi app on their phones from here and read their favorite Manga for free.

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