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TapTap APK is a free app store that allows you to download gaming apps to your Android mobile phone. TapTap has a strong community of developers and gamers who use the app securely. Because TapTap includes a community of developers who can add their own apps to the platform, multiple versions of the same game can be found as TapTap PUBG.

TapTap is a free Android app store that lets you find the best mobile video games in the world. TapTap is a secure service committed to bringing communities together. Users can interact with developers because programmers take advantage of direct feedback from the user interface.

How to use TapTap APK?

When you submit a search, you will find results showing categories for groups, posts, reviews, users, and videos. A clickable magnifying glass icon is available in the upper right corner of the user interface, so you can type keywords to search. Commonly used search queries are available at the bottom of the ribbon and the number of search results will be listed next to each result category.

All tabs allow you to see all the search results in each category in one list. The games section will come first because TapTap is basically an online downloader. Available downloads will be at the top of the “All” list. Each download will show the title, profile picture, tags, and user rating. Because user ratings are based on reviews, TapTap encourages users to post reviews.

How do TapTap APK works?

TapTap offers an in-depth gaming experience where game downloads don’t just appear when you search for titles. Each title is labeled with relevant tags such as “Action”, “Multiplayer”, etc. You can see sites for which specific game versions have been improved beyond the headings: “Global”, “Korean”, etc. You can easily install the game by pressing the “Download” button in each section.

TapTap APK can request access to your files, media, and photos. You can continue the download by selecting “Allow”. My Games lets you view the games you have installed and you can update your downloads in the Updates section of the tab. You can play each game by clicking “Play” next to the titles.

Why should we use TapTap APK?

If you live in an Asian country and are looking for a popular sports store from your continent, TapTap is an easy way to find something tailored to your needs, as this tool offers a wide range of content in languages ​​like Chinese. does. , Japanese and Korean.

This allows you to download the latest version in your native language without having to search for the file in the desired language, making it easier to find the content you are looking for in a specific language.

TapTap also has a search engine that lets you search for new games and browse catalogs to suit your tastes and preferences. With the TapTap Related Apps feature, you’ll be able to find a great game quickly and easily.


  • Search games by category
  • Download Editor’s Choice
  • Read reviews of other users
  • Manage downloaded games from your user area
  • Manage updates for all your downloads from the app
  • Check the ratings and discover the most popular topics
  • Use the built-in search engine to find what you’re looking for.


TapTap is not only used for playing games but you can also use the platform to read game-related news. In addition, you can chat with other members of the community and join the discussion on the “Groups” button. It is a global app store for gaming platforms available in several languages: Chinese, English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

It will sort the titles you have installed directly into the Android user interface available to you whenever you want. The advantage of this APK is that it lists apps developed in different languages ​​and provides original user reviews. The app also has a social feature that makes finding and playing games from your Android phone so much fun!

About the TapTap APK

TapTap APK is an alternative video game store for Android that specializes in the Asian market. It is an Android app store that mainly contains game apps in different languages. Download dozens of popular Asian Games and enjoy your favorite apps in your language without having to search for a language file on the Internet.

It has a strong community of developers and gamers who use the app safely. Since TapTap includes a community of developers who can add their own apps to the platform, multiple versions of the same game can be found, such as TapTap PUBG.

Friendly user interface

TapTap APK also has a clean and simple interface that makes it easy to find popular apps. The user interface is tabbed at the bottom of the screen with Home, Discovery, Moments, Notifications, and My Games sections. Additional tabs will appear at the top of the user interface depending on which tabs you have opened.

Different genres

The best games are rated as Editors’ Choice. You can find recommendations in the “Home” and “Discover” sections. A brief description is provided with preview images below the title to show you what the graphics will look like. TapTap includes a wide variety of genres, so you can find the type of game you like, such as Anime, FPS, Racing, RPG, and more.

Multiple languages

While the app is in Chinese by default, you can change the language to Korean, Japanese, or English depending on your preference. TapTap apps are available in many languages, including Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean, and more. You’ll find original user reviews, editorial groups, and a social function.


  • List of popular games
  • Active community
  • Multiple languages
  • Sports News Articles
  • Developers are available to contact


  • Overwhelming number of similar games
  • Can lag behind

Note: We are not affiliated with this app. So use this app at your own risk.

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