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TapTap is an app store that lets you download and install apps with just one click. It is primarily designed for Asian markets where many apps are blocked by Google, and many apps are unavailable due to location restrictions. It helps you to download apps in one click without any lengthy process.

These are some of the features provided by the Tap Tap app:

Huge Gaming Community: Not only a place to download and install apps but on the Tap Tap app, you can interact with the gamer community. These communities include highly skilled developers and game experts.

Provide Feedback: Through this feature, you can provide feedback for various applications, which will help in improving them. You can also discuss all your favorite games in just one app.

Find Hot Games Every Day: With the TapTap app store, you can find amazing apps that you can use every day. Best of all, it’s as accurate as a standard scale.

One-Click Installation: With the Tap Tap app, you can download and install files with just one click. Yes, you have heard right that you can install files with just one click. With TapTap’s one-click installation and update process, it’s easy for you to install and update apps in seconds.

Free Apps: Like the Google Play Store, in the TapTap app store you don’t need to pay any money for any app because all the apps in the market are free and safe to download as the apps are completely virus-free.

You can also download the APK of the TapTap app on your phone to get those apps that are not available on the Google Play Store.

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Download APK
APK 3.16.1 (54 MB)
Safety Check:

The TapTap has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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