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Towelroot APK is a routing tool developed by GeoHot. It is an app that roots your Android device with just one screen tap. Become a superuser and control your operating system from top to bottom. Yeah All that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. All you have to do is click the button, and that’s it.

Towelroot is currently one of the best options you can find to root your Samsung Galaxy S5 or S4. It can also access your Nexus 4 or 5 and other models. In short, this is the best option if you want to root a device. It is a small tool (so small that it only takes 110KB) that allows you to root your Android device in seconds, all by installing it and pressing a button. With this tool, users do not have to connect to a computer to root their phones. Just need this and click a button and their phone will be rooted.

How to use Towelroot APK?

Rooting a phone can be a dangerous and complicated process, but with Towelroot, it’s even easier. The application is easy to install and small in size. The routing process is fast and does not require restarting the device to work. TowelRoot will be a useful routing tool if you are someone who has a little idea about how routing works.

This is a very simple way to get useful superuser permissions. Once the app is installed on your device, simply launch it and click the “Make it ra1n” button. In a few moments, and without the need to reboot, your Android phone will be completely rooted.

Just download and install the APK and you just need to run the app. Without connecting the phone to your computer, restarting it, or anything like that, just press the make and run button. If the app is not compatible with your phone, it will be alerted via a message.

What is rooting?

The root is access to the root directory of the operating system, in this case, Android. Also known as SU or Superuser, this means that it is similar to administrator permissions on Windows. Overall, we can control any file on our device by rooting our Android smartphone or tablet.

Why should we use Towelroot APK?

This app has been developed by the famous developer GeoHot, who has found weaknesses in Apple (iPhone) and Sony (PlayStation 3, exact) devices. This means that this app comes with the best possible warranty. This used to be a very difficult process but now it has been made a lot easier with apps like Towelroot, a tool that allows us to do this process with just a single screen tap.


  • This allows us to create a full backup.
  • Improves battery and CPU power control.
  • This allows us to shut down various processes and free up RAM and improve the performance of the device.
  • More customizable possibilities cover aspects such as animation during the boot process or system sounds.
  • More apps can be downloaded as some of them require SU permission and allow us to perform more advanced operations on our devices.


  • Small file size
  • Easy to install
  • No need to restart.
  • Instant rooting


  • Limited device support
  • Sometimes it doesn’t work


File Information

Package Name
Op. System
Android 4.0
110 KB
Over a year ago

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