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Towelroot APK is an app that let you root your android device in just a moment. It is one of the best free Android rooting apps ever. The reason is very simple, you don’t need to root your device on a PC and the best part is that you can access any Android device with just one click.

There is no complicated process where you have to connect your Android device to your computer, then reset it, etc. All you have to do is click a button, and it’s done. Apart from rooting your device, it will also improve the performance of your device and it will also improve the operating system speed like new.

About Towelroot APK

Towelroot is a small rooting tool that allows you to root your Android phone in seconds by installing all the APK files and pressing a button. Yes, you read that right: it is so small that it only requires 100KB to download on your devices.

It is developed by famous developer and hacker Geohot, who has found vulnerabilities in Apple devices (iPhone) and Sony (PlayStation 3, to be exact). This means that Towelroot APK comes with the best warranty. You will have so many options in your rooted device.

Reasons to Download Towelroot APK

Rooting a phone can be a risky and complicated process, but with Towelroot, it’s even easier. With this tool, users will not have to connect to a PC to root their phones. For this, just this app and one click of a button, and their phone will be rooted.

The application is easy to install and has a small size. The rooting process is quick and does not require a device restart for it to work in Towelroot APK. If you are someone who has little idea about how rooting works, TowelRoot will be a useful rooting tool.

Many Android users who want to get superuser permissions on their devices need root access. This used to be a rather tedious process, but it’s now made much easier, thanks to apps like iRoot, KingRoot, and One Click Root. Now Towelroot is among one the popular developer apps. It is a tool that allows us to perform this process with just one tap on the screen.

Functions of Towelroot APK on Android Phone

The Towelroot app is specially designed with an easy-to-use interface for the convenience of the users while using the app. It is one of the fastest root apps that you must have to try. You can root your device quickly in seconds. It will feel like magic to you.

You do not need your PC to root the device as it is a standalone application and you do not need anything else to use it. It presents you with a wide range of customization options so that users can customize their Android devices to their liking.

Easily Root All the Android Devices

Many Android users root their phones to access full system functionality, so they can literally remove any apps/games they want, etc. There are many benefits, among which is better performance for your phone.

Towelroot is currently one of the best options that you can find to root your Samsung Galaxy S5 or S4. It can also root Nexus 4 or 5 and other models. In short, this is the best option if you want to root a device. Download and install Towelroot APK for free on your device.

Once the app is installed on your device, simply launch it and click on the “Make it ra1n” button. Within moments, your Android phone will be completely rooted, without restarting it.

Get Complete Control Over Your Android Phone

Everyone wants to have full control over their mobile device but unfortunately, we are not able to do that as it comes with some restrictions and terms and conditions that we need to follow.

But that is not the case anymore because we are now getting many apps that help us to root our Android devices so that we can take full control of them. Towelroot comes with all the amazing features that make it the best of its kind.

This is an amazing app that will allow you to root your device in just a few seconds. Apart from this, it will also help you to avoid all the boring programming that was happening while rooting any device earlier. With this app, you will not face any problems while rooting your device.

Features of Towelroot App

Root most smartphones: One of the most wanted and favorite features of rooting apps is its compatibility, but here TowelRoot proves it. Supports most smartphone brands with models added every month. Make sure to download the latest version of the app, otherwise, it may not work as expected.

No computer is required: Another caveat to using the Towelroot app is that it requires you to connect your mobile phone to a PC with a developer, OTG options, and more. Towelroot cuts out the middle and does the same job, no more messing about with cables.

One-click root: Does this need any explanation? This is self-explanatory. Rooting your smartphone is just one click away, all you have to do is hit the “root” button and wait. Towel Root does everything for you and reboots the device with root access.

Android compatibility: Are you running Android KitKat Or Oreo? Don’t worry everything is solved in this app. Towelroot is compatible if your device is running anything above KitKat.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Towelroot APK


You can root your android device as well as AT&T and Verizon devices. This wireless rooting software is great for rooting android devices. You can use this app after the successful installation. You will not face any convoluted processes to root your android phones.

You will have the ability to create custom ROMs. It exploits a bug within the Linux Nucleus that is commonly used by the Android operating system to allow a user to easily root their Android device with a simple press of a button without having a connection with a computer.


This app is not available on the Google play store. You will have to download Towelroot APK in the latest version on your android smartphone.

Install Towelroot APK File on Your Android Device

Click on the download button to get the Towelroot APK download link in order to download Towelroot APK on your android phones in the latest version. Click on the Accept downloads option to have this app on your android phones.

Go to the settings of your android device and enable unknown sources for installing the APK file of the Towelroot app. Find the downloaded APK file from the file manager and tap on the install button to install this android app.

When you have the application installed, you can open this small tool on your phone and you will see a welcome screen. Thus your app is successfully installed and you can root your android devices in just a few seconds with a little knowledge.

Note: We are not the Official Towelroot site and it may involve your phone’s warranty and make your personal data stolen.

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