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AnimeUltima APK offers a selection of the latest shows and classic titles in high quality. It brings you anime series and movies for free. You can watch your favorite cartoons anytime and anywhere on your phone with this app. One of the best things about AnimeUtima APK is that it gives you a brief overview of all the anime. You can see what style the anime is for, the number of episodes, the year of its release, and its summary.

It automatically keeps track of the animations and episodes you are watching. So, you don’t have to worry about remembering the number of episodes last watched. It allows you to select playback settings according to your preference. You can choose your favorite video source, video type (sub or dub), episode order, etc.

Why should we use AnimeUltima APK?

If you want to watch cartoons without spending a penny, this app is what you need. AnimeUltima offers a great selection of Japanese anime series. It ranges from classic series like Dragon Ball or Naruto to new series like B-Stars or the latest One Pace Chapters. In addition, we’ll get the latest episodes as they air.

This animation app gives you high-speed streaming speed in full HD quality. You can integrate this platform with our MyAnimeList and AniList accounts across multiple devices. In addition, it will soon launch a tool to download content and view it comfortably on your Android device without an internet connection.

How to use AnimeUltima APK?

To watch the series, we have to click on the icon in the list. Within this tab, we find a lot of information: genre (film, series, or special), year, genre, duration, summary, number of episodes, and ratings. To be able to sort notifications, the app will notify us whenever a new chapter is available, so we can track our series. This means that the chapters we are viewing will be tagged so that we can see at a glance where we are.

In addition, the best description of this application is that in each chapter we can see the comments of other users. But to avoid spoilers, these comments will be hidden first, we appreciate that! Animeultima APK is an app you need to install on your mobile device to enjoy anime videos.

Watch animes in HD quality

AnimeUltima APK will help you watch anime videos without spending a penny. This is an anime streaming app that offers an excellent collection of high-quality Japanese anime series. It has everything from the most classic series to Dragon Ball Z or Naruto, to the latest series, such as the latest episode of Demon Slayers or One Piece. You can watch anime on your favorite server with AnimeUltima. You can also choose video quality from 480p to 1080p.

The user interface of any app is very important if the user interface is not user-friendly then most of the users leave the platform and anime Ultima makes the user interface very easy to use understanding that even a child can use it.

Make changes to your watchlist

With this app, you don’t have to worry about losing your favorite cartoon episode. This app enables you to set alerts and notifications for a specific anime so that you are notified when a new episode is released. That way, you’ll never miss an update.

You can add any anime you are currently watching to your watch list. Watchlist provides different labels to keep track of all the animation statuses on your watch. Categories include Scenario, Outline, Pending, Complete, and Expected. With their help, you will know which animation you are currently watching, which you intend to watch, or which you have already completed. You can also remove any animation from your list.


  • Absolutely free
  • Quick updated
  • Identity
  • Fast flow
  • Run settings
  • Anime tracker
  • Select your server
  • Add to list watch
  • Rate and comment
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Summary and other information

You can also sync this platform with MyAnimeList and AniList accounts on multiple devices. In the app, you can rate any anime and comment on episodes of your choice. You can also read comments about the episode and discuss it with other users.

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