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MegaBox HD APK is an app that lets you watch movies and TV shows for free. If you ever get bored and do not know what to do then you should install MegaBox HD APK file because you will be provided with many TV shows that will never let you bored.

This is one of the best alternative streaming platforms that stream TV shows and let you watch movies on your android devices. You will need to have to spend on watching movies and TV shows anymore. Moreover, you will get free updates to get new shows.

About MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD APK is a streaming platform that you can download to watch movie or TV show. The MegaBox HD developers created this amazing app and it stands at the top among other streaming apps. Install MegaBox HD APK file on your phone and download movies and all the TV shows that you wanted.

Download MegaBox HD APK on your android device so that you can watch TV shows and your favorite movies. The thing that makes MegaBox HD APK popular is its interface which is liked by many people because of it, you will be able to open and use MegaBox HD APK.

Why Do Users Install MegaBox HD APK?

Many people like to install MegaBox HD app by inspiring its features. You will get a lot of features such as multiple video players. The user interface of MegaBox HD is designed in a way that it helps for keeping user interest to download it on your android by enabling unknown sources for these kinds of apps.

Download the latest version of this app on your android because the cloud storage helps all the movies and shows to be stored in one place. You can get the latest version of MegaBox HD APK on your phone from any third-party site because you will not find it on the Google Play store. Once having MegaBox HD APK on your device, you will get so many new movies and tv shows.

Functions of MegaBox HD

With the help of MegaBox HD APK, you can do so many things. This android app rolls out the latest updates that’s why you will get TV shows and movies in the latest and HD version. You will get multiple episodes in MegaBox HD free.

Download the MegaBox HD as it will help you to watch new TV series and also help you to decide which movie or TV show is best to watch based on the in-built rating feature. You can easily make last your humanoid phone with the help of this amazing streaming app.

Watch Movies in MegaBox HD App

You can watch a free movie depending on your choice. The shows and movies provided by MegaBox HD app, help you to get rid of your boredom. You can free download movies and TV shows and watch them offline whenever you feel bored and have nothing to do.

In this way, even when you do not have an internet connection, you can still watch them. You can enter downloader to click on the search icon and search content in the app. If you do not want to keep the file of this app on your android, you can click on the delete button and then on the OK button.

Features of MegaBox HD

Choose Your Own Quality: If you have fewer MBs but you do not want to miss your favorite show then you can select the Low quality and watch the complete video file without any interruption. The same goes for high quality videos when you have enough MBs or Wi-Fi connection, you can choose special quality for your video to watch in HD in the video tab.

Linking with Calendars: You can select the day when you are free and select the movie to watch on that day. For example, you can set a schedule to watch different TV shows on specified days. If you want to watch Friends on Monday evening and Big bang explosion theory on Tuesday, then you can link them with calendars.

No More Buffering: Now, you will not face more buffering when watching movies online. You will find all the alternative content in one place. So whenever you want to watch any movie, you just need to click on it, and with will start playing without much buffering and provides you with a great user experience.

Sharing Feature: The sharing feature in MegaBox HD app helps you to share your contents app with your friends. So, if you like a show and want your friends to watch it, you can share it with them by selecting the menu button on the home screen. In this way, you can discuss the story of the show or movie and have a good conversation later.

Freedom to Rate: As we mentioned earlier that there is an inbuilt rating feature that helps you find how good the content is. If you like a show then you can give it a 5-star rating so that other people can know about it. If you do not like a show then you can give any rating depending on your watching experience. In this way, you guide others and recommend this show.

Frequent Updates: You will get frequent updates on MegaBox HD. To watch reality shows, you will need to get updated. This is why MegaBox HD often releases its new updates just like Fire TV and MX Player apps so that you can always enjoy the latest contents app. You can use the android emulator to install these apps.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MegaBox HD


With the help of the MegaBox HD downloader app, you will get ad-free content. There are so many things of interest. You will find thousands of users streaming that you will find out when you download the MegaBox HD app on your android.


MegaBox HD app is not available on the Google play store because it violates the rules of google play. That’s why you will need to get this app from third-party sites. Moreover, you will have to update this app manually to use the latest version of MegaBox HD app.

Download MegaBox HD APK File

Click on the download button so that you can download MegaBox HD APK on your android device. Wait for the download to be completed for this app on your android. Now go to the settings of your phone and enable unknown sources so that you can install MegaBox HD APK.

Find the downloaded APK file in the file manager and tap on the file to open it. Click on the install button and your app will begin to install. Open the app after the complete installation and start using it.

You can also get the MegaBox HD for your PC. You will need an android emulator to install MegaBox HD and start using this app.

Note: It is always suggested to use a VPN with these types of streaming applications. To install MegaBox HD app on your android, you should enable VPN.

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