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Use your skills in an epic role-playing game to win battles.



Fire Emblem Heroes APK is a successful Nintendo strategy RPG series. It is based on a so-called story that constantly adds new features that are adapted to better meet the demands of its supporters around the world. Fighting feels like a game of chess in which you advance the position of your characters according to their fighting ability.

Fight touch screen battles and play on the go. Fire Emblem characters from all over the universe. Develop the skills of your heroes and take them to new heights. Like in chess, you have to move with your chest to reach and attack the enemy. This is your adventure – unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! The story has over 700 stages (including all the difficult ways).

Why should we download Fire Emblem Heroes?

Are you a big fan of simulation games? Are you excited to live in a never-ending war? Do you want to control the army to fight and win with impressive deep strategy? Try Fire Emblem Heroes next because we know this game is definitely what you’ve been waiting for.

Fire Emblem Heroes APK is a strategic RPG where you control four units and fight against other enemy units across multiple maps.

Having been in the gaming market for more than 25 years, Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes APK has a long story to tell, which nowadays includes more than 400 stages in the game with different modes of difficulty. At present, a large number of game features, characters, and battle test heroes have emerged as one.

What is the gameplay of  Fire Emblem Heroes APK?

As a medieval prince/princess, you’ll fight the battles of your choice thanks to the touch screen and play on the go. Fire Emblem characters from all over the universe. Develop your heroes’ abilities to take them to new heights. Its gameplay is very simple and automatic during combat without the need for any external input.

Its turn-based strategy battles are made easy to play with on-the-go maps that fit in the palm of your hand. You need to think carefully about the advantages and disadvantages of each hero’s weapon. Command your army with easy touch and swipe controls, including the ability to attack an enemy by swiping an ally.


The game has more than 400 stages with multiple maps of different areas (forests, fences, mountains, etc.). On each map, you have 4 units under your control fighting against enemy units. Moves his units to each side and deals damage to other units. If one side is completely defeated the war is over.

It sounds so simple; However, to be able to defeat the other side, you must consider several factors before executing each attack, including the weapon’s characteristics (potential/scope/additional skill), the color of the weapon’s attribute, or faulty triangles Or the type of weapon damage (magical or physical damage).

A popular game

This game has been around for a long time with players and users from all over the world. With over half a million reviews and over one million downloads, the game has received an Editors’ Choice badge. The game is free to download and offers some optional in-app purchases.

By clearing the stages of the story, you’ll get orbs, which you can use to summon heroes. The developers of Fire Emblem Heroes APK often add new chapters to the story, requiring you to update the game. So download this game if you are interested.

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What's new

New skills have been added for legendary heroes Marth and Tiki. Exalted Falchion and Divine Mist can be upgraded to Weapon Refinery. New character-related weapon skills have been added to the lens and cage.

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