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PetrolHead APK is a car racing game that lets you control different cars on your android device. It is a car simulation genre that is based on many cars. You will have to drive different cars and improve your driving skills so that you will have the experience to drive in every kind of situation.

If you are looking for a game to do this, the PetrolHead traffic quests will be a good choice for you. In the game, you will experience driving on the asphalt. Apart from this, you can also perform various tasks while driving such as participating in a drift race event or engaging in an engine power race.

About PetrolHead APK

PetrolHead traffic quests is a simulation game that is developed by Lethe Studios. The full name of the game is Petrolhead – Traffic Quest – Joyful City Driving. They offer games that all kinds of people can enjoy, feel different emotions, and experience the quality and deeper notes of the game concept.

Petrolhead is available on both the Google Play store and the App Store. So you can install the game on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Petrolhead also supports tablets such as the iPad. And the game is completely free to download. Also, the game does not require an internet connection.

Why Do People Download PetrolHead Game?

There are many people who want to be an expert in the car driving. That’s why they play car games for learning driving skills. By downloading Petrolhead traffic quests on your phone, you can drive your car freely and go wherever you want. The free limitless weaving graphics of the game will give you the real-life experience of the drift race event.

By taking the step forward in the painting options, you can customize the journalist cars and improve the driving experience. The graphics of the game will win your heart with the natural light. By moving forward, the new version of the game has new stickers and an improved trailer system.

Functions of PetrolHead Traffic Quests Game

The 3D graphics in Petrolhead are very attractive. Players can visit many different places in the big city. From bridges with many potholes to long roads after rain and tunnels. If you look closely, you can even see small drops of rain. Especially the day and night cycle will make driving more exciting. The realistic mechanics of the weather system will take you into the real world.

You can watch the sunset on the bridge or watch the raindrops fall on the windshield of the car. When the car opens the throttle without driving you can see the car smoke. With these realistic graphics, you will feel like you are driving on the road in a real way. Enjoy high-quality graphics with natural light.

Drive Your Dream Car to Improve Driving Skills

Unlike some other games, the player will be instructed on how to play. But in a Petrolhead, you have to know how to drive yourself. From starting the car to reversing, accelerating, or slowing it down, it can be challenging. But it will encourage you to explore and learn. Knowing how to control a car, it’s time to show yourself.

Get in an Engine Power Race

If you are getting bored then you can get intake the huge multiplayer map and get the side quests to drive the car freely and become the master driver. You can also win unlimited money by becoming the worldwide master driver. There are tougher modes that have various combinations of difficult tasks, you can step forward and take control of your steering wheel in your hands.


Single/Multiplayer: Improve your driving skills with Career Mode. Complete the tasks and expand your garage day by day. Test yourself with your driving skills in different ways! Push your limits in these difficult poses. Dominate the roads with different cars and show your skills to the world! Get ready to compete with professional drivers from around the world on the massive multiplayer map!

Customize your cars: Own more than 80 cars of your choice with high-quality graphics. Use Workshop to find the best matching colors, stickers, and enhancements in the painting options in the garage, day by day. Show everyone in this world your dream car and have more fun! Build the best cars and hit the roads with all the different combinations!

City alive: Don’t be bored! You can do side missions on this huge map and drive your car forever! Find and complete all the missions on this map that are waiting for you to explore! Drive your vehicle freely while waiting for the status queue. The trailer system has so much improved in the latest version. You don’t even have to stop having fun by completing all the missions.

Questions and badges: Complete missions and earn achievements. Earn badges according to the sum of your achievement. Collect your Master Badges and display them in your profile! See all your masters! In this way, you can become a master driver by competing in the cool limitless competition.

High-Quality Graphics: With these realistic graphics, feel like you are really on the streets. Enjoy high-quality graphics with natural lighting. Let yourself be in this reality! The various combinations of graphics give you a realistic driving experience with close-reality mechanic design rims.

Limitless driving experience: You are free to drive your car with these realistic mechanisms. You can join a drift racing event or you can take part in an engine power race! In this endless driving experience, you can do anything you want to do in real life! You can test your top speed and drift skills when driving the new car

Realistic mechanics: Show off your driving skills with this realistic mechanic design and physics. You control your car just like in real life. There are many best cars such as buses, trucks and journalist cars. You can design rims and go to the limitless competition to become the worldwide master drivers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PetrolHead Traffic Quests


You will have a career mode queue and can play the game in your own car. You will have a huge multiplayer map in which you can challenge worldwide drivers in the online mode queue. By moving forward, in the mod APK, you can get unlimited money, new stickers, and complete cool missions with extraordinary graphics and a realistic driving experience.


If you try downloading apps from third-party websites then you should be very careful. The Petrolhead mod APK is not developed by the original creators therefore think twice before downloading the modded version of a petrolhead.

Install PetrolHead Game on Your Android

If you want to download PetrolHead traffic quests on your phone, you have to click on the download button and get the APK download link. You will need to wait for the download to complete before you can have the PetrolHead traffic quests app on your phone.

Once the download of PetrolHead traffic quests is completed, go to your device’s security settings and enable Unknown sources to install APK files. Find the downloaded APK file from the file manager and click on the app to open it. Click the install button and the installation process will start.

After the installation is complete, you can open the application and test yourself in miscellaneous modes with the new car. If your current version becomes outdated, you can follow the same method to get the latest version of PetrolHead traffic quests from here instead of the Google play store.

Note: Always try to play games in updated versions so that you can take the advantage of all the features of the game.

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