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Howzat APK is a fantasy cricket app that lets you create your fantasy team before playing any match. It is an online fantasy game where you can create a virtual 11-player cricket team from an upcoming realistic match. With this app, you can easily earn money easily in real-time just by making predictions according to the performance of the team and players.

It allows you to play fantasy games like cricket and football using your knowledge of the game. Howzat fantasy cricket app turns your sports imagination into reality. Now playing fantasy cricket is as easy as learning ABC. You will have to use your skills to win exciting prizes.

About Howzat APK

Howzat app allows you to play fantasy sports like cricket and football using your skills and sports data. The main objective of fantasy league cricket is to score the most points and get the winning position on the ranking board on the fantasy cricket app.

In Howzat, your team scores point based on the performance of your selected players in real-time matches and against other users’ teams. If your team performs best in the competition, you win!

This fantasy cricket game tests your sports knowledge and decision-making skills. All you have to do is choose an upcoming match, create a dream team by selecting players from two real teams playing a real match, and join the competition!

Functions of Howzat – Fantasy Sports App

The Howzat app features an extensive gaming lobby with upcoming matches, tournaments, and much more. You can choose your favorite sport and choose a match to join the competition of your choice. It offers sports fans an exciting fantasy sports experience combining play, skill, and cash prizes. You can play fantasy cricket and earn real money.

Users can create their own virtual cricket, football, and Liverpool teams on Howzat by selecting players from real teams playing real-world matches and competing against other users. Sports fans can actively participate in their favorite sports by using their skills and sports knowledge.

The Gameplay of Fantasy Cricket Game

Fantasy cricket is not just a game of chance, it is a game of skill that requires proper analysis and knowledge of the game. A good understanding of the game and a little research can help you choose the best XI for a fantasy league and win regularly.

Factors to consider while selecting players include pitch conditions, weather, players’ current form, and throwing. For example, good hitting conditions indicate that batsmen are more likely to score the maximum number of rounds. Likewise, a bowler-friendly bowling pitch will require more bowlers on your free fantasy team in the howzat app.

How to Play Howzat – Fantasy Cricket App?

This is the best fantasy cricket app and is very similar to GANEZY which is also a fantasy game that you can play on your mobile phone. If you have good knowledge of cricket and football then the howzat app is specially made for you.

For every match on Howzat app, you can create your own fantasy team from a pool of real players who will play a real match on the ground. You can choose a virtual dream team from the top 11 players from both teams to play in the upcoming match. Then, choose a captain and vice-captain from the selected 11, save the team and join the competition.

After building your fantasy sports team in the howzat app, participate in various online competitions and compete with millions of other users to earn huge profits. You can earn points based on the actual performance of the players in the match of the howzat app.

Points are earned based on how specific players perform according to various criteria such as round scoring, wickets taken, catches, and more. The team with the most points is the winner. If selected players perform well in the match then you will get points according to their performance and you can win real cash prizes every day.

While playing free fantasy cricket, make sure to choose the best captain and vice-captain for your team as their performance carries a lot of weight, helping your team climb the leaderboard.

Play and Win Exciting Prizes

Fantasy sports in India have seen exponential growth in both the number of players and revenue earned in the past few years. But why is it so exciting to play fantasy cricket on the fantasy cricket app and why play on the Howat app?

It is really easy to play fantasy cricket and fantasy football with this app. You can also practice games and join a contest by playing this fantasy APK. All you have to do is choose and build your team for the next match and start playing.

You can compete against teams of other players and you will earn money according to your team’s performance. The more points you get, the more likely you are to win big cash prizes. The fantasy league format provides sports fans with a useful way to access their sports knowledge and better enjoy their favorite sport.

Also, you have a chance to win prizes of up to ₹150 crores on the Howzat app during the Indian T20 League. Withdrawals can be made at any time using any digital wallet like Paytm, Google Pay, etc.

Experience an Online Gaming Environment

Watch live matches and follow your fantasy team’s live scores on the leaderboards and experience the thrill of fantasy cricket exclusively on the Howzat – Fantasy Sports app. Players on your fantasy team will earn points based on their performance in real-world matches.

The higher the score of your fantasy team, the higher your chances of winning the competition. In the Howzat app, you can use your sports knowledge and decision-making skills to select the right players for your fantasy sports team.

Features of Howzat APK

Quick Sign-up: With the help of the Howzat – fantasy app, you can quickly play fantasy sports such as the best fantasy cricket app on your phone. You just need to download and install howzat – fantasy cricket app and log in to the app directly with your mobile number. In this way, you will get your favorite cricket game to play in this trusted fantasy cricket app APK download.

User-friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface of the Howzat – fantasy cricket app is really very easy. Users will not have to worry that much about selecting the game. When you log in to the app, you will have to select a match to play fantasy sports in this trusted cricket fantasy app.

Extensive Game Lobby: Howzat is India’s most trusted cricket fantasy game app that has many games on the home screen. When you open the app, you will see all the games that you can play in this secure online gaming environment.

You will have the option to play upcoming matches. You will also be provided with ongoing fantasy cricket with real-world matches along with kabaddi games and fantasy football.

Select a Match: With the help of the Howzat – fantasy cricket app, you can select matches and play them to win big things. To turn everyone’s sports fantasy into reality, Howzat offers Fantasy Cricket, Football, and kabaddi games.

You can choose your dream team and win big prizes by participating in fantasy cricket or fantasy football matches. You can play fantasy cricket for free every day in T10, T20, ODI, and Test cricket formats. From the T20 Indian League to the English Football League, it hosts fantasy tournaments based on all the popular sports leagues and series around the world.

Unique Scoring System: Howzat India’s most trusted cricket fantasy app has a very thrilling and unique scoring system. It guaranteed a welcome bonus and ensures every player is reflected in the points they scored. Isn’t this an amazing scoring system? You should check out the scoring system before playing fantasy cricket.

Highest Winning Chances: If you play the Howzat – fantasy cricket app on your mobile phone, then you have the highest chance of winning big prizes. Some other apps such as Big Cash might offer big prizes to play online games but you will have less possibility to win in those apps. But this is not the case in this howzat – fantasy cricket app.

Play with Real Players: If you are a cricket fan, then you will love to play real-time matches in a safe and secure environment given by the howzat – fantasy cricket app. You can easily play a real-world match and create multiple teams. You can create your own team by selecting the best fantasy cricket players. You can play Cricket, football, and kabaddi in real-world matches.

Play with the Legends of the Game: You can play cricket, football, and other games with cricket legends. You will have the option to play with real cricket legends in this free fantasy app. If you have cricket knowledge, then you love to play the howzat – fantasy cricket app.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Howzat App


You can play fantasy cricket, football, and kabaddi in the Howzat – fantasy cricket app. You can select matches of your own choice and earn real money which you can easily transfer to your bank account with the help of the howzat – fantasy app.


The installation process of the Howzat – fantasy cricket app is much more complicated than any other third-party app. Moreover, you will not find the APK file of the Howzat – fantasy cricket app on the Google play store.

Install Howzat Fantasy App on Android Device

First, send a missed call to the mobile number 8860799599. Now click on the download button to download the latest version of the Howzat – fantasy cricket app by getting the download link on your mobile device. In this way, you will get the APK download.

After downloading the APK file, you may get a warning message on your screen. Just tap on the “Install Anyway” option and complete the installation process. After that, your app is installed and all you have to do is enjoy participating in cash games.

Note: Downloading third-party apps could be risky therefore, try downloading from trusted third-party websites.

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