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Complete collections of interesting Squad Building Challenges.



MadFut APK is a football game. If you love football, there are tons of fun games and items you can download today. One of the best football games you can enjoy right now is FIFA, and it allows you to have a realistic football experience.

Because today there are many great FIFA games that you can download. With these games, you can enjoy the best football experience today. Download MADFUT APK now and enjoy the introductory simulation to enjoy the package.  Get ready for more new methods and more interesting content than ever before. The MadFUT season is now officially starting, and we can’t wait to make it even better.

Why should we download MadFut APK?

Whether you’re a fan of football, like to control players or prefer to plan a team at home, there’s a reason to come to MADFUT APK Draft & Pack Opener. Because with this app/game you can freely create a team, open the best packs, play drafts with the strategies, and many other attractive features. The game also has a series of events, participating and completing which, you will receive many valuable rewards, especially valuable player packages, to achieve a higher position in the future.

How to play MadFut APK?

With a large community of players, we will have the opportunity to play online to challenge other players, choose fates and win. This is a very interesting process. To win, you have to take advantage of many of the features I just mentioned in the game.

First, you need to team up with different drafts. Then, in turn, he won several draft championships. Or you can continuously unlock different packs and options, and play with the fatal classic mode to upgrade from brand to special. Whenever you complete a match, you will receive special cards and points for completing goals to win prizes.


These are the features that you will find playing MadFut on your phone.

  • SBC: Complete set of exciting team-building challenges to win exclusive rewards and unique cards.
  • Deadly Mine Club: Use cards from your deck to compete in an eighth-ranked series, with the maximum rating required for each. Improve and change your teams whenever you want. New rewards every week.
  • Fatal Draft: Play Fatal using the teams you created in the draft. New rewards every week.
  • Online Multiplayer: You can now choose to play Fetal against other users online.
  • Build teams and drafts, and win knockout tournaments.
  • Unlock packs and player selection.
  • Play Deadly Classic Mode: Upgrade your team from Bronze to Full Private.
  • Complete the goals to get cards and other rewards.
  • Trade cards and packs with other players.
  • Complete package and draft of today’s challenges and daily capacity-building challenges.
  • New content every day. In addition, many unique purposes and types of SBC cards are coming soon. And of course, there will be many new modes throughout the year.
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