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Insta Pro (Instagram Pro) is a modified version of official Instagram with an eye-catching look and attractive features. With the Insta Pro APK file, you can do so much customization and make your Instagram a whole new app. There are different key phrases to download Insta Pro.

There are many modified versions of Instagram such as GB Insta but none of them can give you such a bunch of features that you can find in this android app. Instagram Pro APK allows you to watch IGTV videos so that you may not get bored.

About Insta Pro

Instagram Pro app is one of the most popular and latest modified versions of Instagram that allows you to download stories along with IGTV videos. This latest modified version helps you to do so many amazing things that you can not do on the official Instagram.

All the features provided in this third-party app will be liked by you when you start using it on your android device. You can easily hide the view stories so that the person will never know that you have watched their stories on Instagram. You will also find some privacy-related features in Insta Pro APK.

Functions of Insta Pro

This is a perfect alternative to the Instagram app than the GB Insta where you can view short videos and upload images of good quality. Taking screenshots and changing appearance is much easier with the help of this Instagram pro app.

This premium version of Instagram APK helps you change the font styles so if there is anyone who has weak eyesight can easily read the given text. You can also lock your app with the help of a security lock so that no one can be able to read your chats and access your Insta Pro APK.

Use Insta Pro APK An Amazing Modified Version

You can easily use Insta Pro APK on your phone and view simple Instagram video along with Instagram stories with the story view hide feature. This is one of the amazing features of Insta Pro APK that you will only get when you download Insta Pro modified version.

You can easily post photos and download stories along with IGTV videos in this Insta Pro APK. The latest version of Insta Pro modified version has all the things that you can ask from its developers. You can log in to your Instagram account with the help of a Facebook login to view Instagram posts.

Features of Insta Pro APK

Save Videos and stories: With the help of the Insta Pro version, you can save videos and stories so that you can watch them later if you are busy. This is one of the best features of this Instagram mod that provides you with the saving option for videos and stories.

Download IGTV videos: When you download IGTV videos so that you can share them later with your friends or anyone. This feature is almost the same as when you download stories or an Instagram video. So it is just a waste of time if you are still stuck in the original Instagram.

Safe and Secure: InstaPro app is safe and secure to use. Users will only need to log in to Facebook to use their Instagram accounts. This will not have any negative effect on you and thus we can say that it is safe to download photos with this third-party app on your phone.

Copy the Bios: There are many people who love to find different bios for Instagram accounts. So if you are also one of them and you find someone’s bio attractive then you can copy it and upload it on your own account by saying it’s yours.

HD Graphics: The latest version of Instagram Pro APK provides the users with the best HD graphics than any other Instagram mod. You will fall in love with its HD graphics that’s why people like to use this mod of official Instagram.

Stay anonymous: If you do not want others to know your activities such as what you do or who you are following, then you can stay anonymous and do these things. InstaPro app only uses your Instagram API. In this way, no one can know about your social media activities by using the latest version of Instagram Pro APK.

No ads: In this amazing modified version, you can get rid of unwanted ads that keep coming when you scroll down. Sometimes, the ads ruin all the flow of joy and can also spoil your mood. That’s why the developers of this modified version block all ads and provide its users with an ad-free environment.

Hide Your Story Display: The latest version of Instagram Pro APK helps the users to view stories without letting them know that you have viewed their status. There are many people who upload shorts videos or images as their Instagram stories. Now you can view them secretly without telling the other person.

View Anyone’s Profile Picture: With the help of InstaPro APK, you can view anyone’s profile. So if you want to see anyone’s profile pic, you will only need to tap the pic and thus you will be able to see it. The story quality improved that’s why you will enjoy the extra functionality of this InstaPro app rather than in the original Instagram.

Follow Up: If you want to be updated by a special person, you can follow them using Instagram Pro APK. Sometimes, you find a simple video that you like and you want to follow the creator of that video. Thus you will be able to get to know more about them by following them.

Save and Lock Data: If you have a special person on your Instagram that you talked with then you will have a fear that someone would know about it. So if you are facing this kind of situation then download the latest version of InstPro app on your phone and lock your app so that only the person who knows the password can access it.

Built-in translator: There are many people all over the world who uses Instagram. If you want to talk to a person who does not know your native language then you can talk to them in their language with the help of Insta Pro APK. You will have a built-in translator that you can use to translate a message into different languages.

Unfollowing tracker: If you are wondering who is unfollowing you then you use the latest version of InstaPro app. You can find the people on the list and see who is unfollowing you. Downloading InstaPro APK will make a great impact on your social media use.

What’s New in Insta Pro Android App

The users of Insta Pro APK will find various changes in the new version of this app:

  • [Fixed] Facebook login
  • [Fixed] Live Ghost Mod
  • [ADS]  Ads Almost Removed
  • [Improve] Story Quality Improved
  • [Remove] launcher Icons ( Due to Random Crash )

Advantages and Disadvantages of Insta Pro


There are many amazing features that you will find in IstaPro APK. It highlights downloading images with great image quality. You can download images in HD that is not available in the previous version.

There are some user privacy-related features also that provide them with a completely safe environment with max quality of live ghost mod. You can download InstaPro APK on your rooted and non-rooted phone.


There may be a random crash you will find because the app is not completely stable. However, you will need to update this mod manually because InstaPro APK is not available on Google Play Store. You will find it on a third-party website.

Get Instagram Pro APK Download Link

If you are using the old Instagram and want to download this modified version on your phone, then let me tell you downloading InstaPro APK, is not a difficult task to do. Simply click on the download button to download the latest version of Insta Pro APK. In this way, the downloading will start.

You will need to wait for the download to get completed. Enable unknown sources and install InstaPro APK app. If your InstaPro app becomes outdated then you can follow the same method to download the Insta Pro in the latest versions.

Note: This Instagram mod is created for those users who want different features in their original Instagram. As this mod is not developed by the official Instagram that’s why we will not recommend our users to download this from other websites.

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Package Name
Op. System
Android 4.0.3
55 MB
Oct 21, 2022

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  1. jara says:

    After using this insta pro apks, I must confess that this APK is one of the best and coolest.
    Ever since I started using the APK, I have not been disturbed by any ad, and the latest version of this apk was made to cover everything close to the limitation the older versions had.

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