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ShareChat APK is an app where you can meet and chat with new people by discovering and sharing memes, videos, jokes, and all kinds of viral content. It is a powerful, fun, and popular social network, especially in India. So much so that you can use the app in many different languages ​​spoken in India.

ShareChat App is India’s fastest-growing social media platform in local Indian languages. This is their social network. Easily share videos, GIFs, photos, and songs in Indian languages ​​like Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, and Oriya with ShareChat.

Why should we use ShareChat APK?

ShareChat APK is an app that brings together content that allows us to chat and make new friends with people from all over the world. Enjoy great multimedia content like animal videos, funny gifs, pictures, movies, music videos, short movies, and much more. Jokes, memes, funny quotes, GIFs, short videos, WhatsApp statuses.

Viral content on the Internet can take many forms and can be found almost anywhere, although it is mainly for social networks and instant messaging is found on the application. With ingredients and formulas clearly targeted to the Indian market, this app allows us to find everything that is innovative and trendy on the internet. To find the most interesting content on the web, you need to search the content by general timeline or by category.

How to use ShareChat APK?

Users will first have to open the Share Chat app. There they will see two sections “Following Feed” and “Popular Feed”, in the next feed the user will only see the content of the people you follow while currently, you can check the posts that are trending. Full Share Chat Android App. Here the user can make friends through the chat room. They can download and share WhatsApp status videos, funny videos, etc with others.

Users can create videos using chat filters. There are over 300 emoji and face filters. Using shared chat is synonymous with using other popular social networks such as Instagram or Snap Chat. You can follow other users and they will definitely follow you. That way, you can see what other users are posting and they can also see your best posts.

Easy to use

Its interface is simple and easy to use. It’s like using other popular social networks. Enjoy great multimedia content like funny gifs, photos, movies, animal videos, music videos, short films, and much more. You can follow other users and they will definitely follow you. That way, you can see what other users are posting and they can also see your best posts.

Create funny videos with Share Chat Video Filters. Use over 300 emoji stickers and face filters. The private messaging feature is designed to encourage communication in Indian languages ​​between Indian Internet users. With the Open Tags feature, users can create tags and publish relevant content within these user-generated tags.

About ShareChat APK

ShareChat APK is a free social media app for India that highlights local content and connects with people. Created in 2015 by Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd, the app can be compared, but it is different from well-known social platforms like WhatsApp. The power of ShareChat APK lies in the fact that it balances globalization and promotes the fact that it is an app made by Indians for Indian users.

Share Chat is designed to make it easy to share content from the platform to WhatsApp. Because of its design, it works even on the poorest connections. But the most interesting thing about this app is its way of meeting people. All you have to do is shake your smartphones to start chatting with them and make new friends.

Multiple languages

For Indian friends and family, the software is a great way to stay connected remotely, with access to emojis, GIFs, and multimedia. The app is available in fourteen languages, none of which are in English. Instead, it includes Indian languages ​​like Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kunar, etc.

ShareChat is not only a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family. It is also a way to reach and meet new people. In general, social media applications are beginning to realize their importance in globalization, and ShareChat is more than just a messaging service.


  • Download Jokes, Whatsapp Status, Memes, Trolls, Wishes & Greetings.
  • Latest trends in your field.
  • Daily Horoscope
  • Viral Videos of Indian Movies.
  • Join chat rooms in 15 languages.
  • Be famous for showcasing your abilities.
  • Create WhatsApp stickers from any photo.
  • Religious and devotional songs like Bhajans.
  • Create your own chat rooms and make friends.
  • Chat and chat with strangers with Chat Sharing Shake.
  • Beauty Tips, Home Makeup Tricks, and Fitness Videos.
  • Best Hindi poetry, love poetry, romantic poetry, and much more.
  • Health tips and advice on how to treat yourself with home remedies.


  • Viral videos
  • local content
  • Filters, emoji, GIF
  • active community


  • Not available in English.
  • Sometimes there is a break

In general, here you will find all the content that is spreading fast in India and is likely to become popular in your region soon.

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Android 4.0.3 or greater is required
71.8 MB
Nov 8th, 2021

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