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Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto, Inc.

About Pluto TV

Do you want a have a mini TV that you can take anywhere? Pluto TV APK is a great app that works like a TV where you have great shows and sports to watch.

All blockbuster movies and new-release movies are available on this app. You can easily access it and also watch TV shows on this app.

Features of the Pluto TV app are:

Watch News: There are many different news channels available on this app that will tell you what is happening in your city, your country, and neighboring countries.

Live Sports Streaming: If you are a sports fan and want to watch the World Cup on your device, then you must get the Pluto TV app. It gives you access to live matches, be it a cricket match or a football match.

TV Shows: You can also watch your favorite TV shows on the Pluto TV app. There are many different entertainment channels available on this app and you can go to your favorite channel.

Animated Movies: There is a separate category for animated movies. If you love reading comics and watching anime movies, then you must get the Pluto TV app as it has a wide collection of anime movies.

Great Resolution: All content available on this app is available in high definition and is not a pirated copy of any movie or series on this app.

Add Subtitles: If you don’t understand the language of a particular show, there is an option to enable subtitles. You can also select the subtitle language and change the font size.

To have a small TV in your pocket, you can download the Pluto TV app.

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APK 5.34.0 (21 MB)
Safety Check:

The Pluto TV has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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