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Pluto TV APK is an app that gives you access to over a hundred free TV channels divided into categories: news, sports, comedy, music, entertainment, kids, and tech. There will never be a shortage of things for you to see! It gives you the ability to watch dozens of TV channels directly on the screen of your Android phone without doing anything.

Unlike the desktop and web versions, the Android version of Pluto TV does not include fast forward or rewind features or you are not allowed to record shows, but you will have access to these channels. We’re talking about channels designed specifically for online broadcasts, so you can forget the public you know.

Why should we download Pluto TV APK?

If you browse a lot of websites to find a particular type of content, then Pluto TV is an app that you should consider. Here you will find dozens of themed channels that broadcast 24/7 without ad breaks. No matter what you are looking for, this app has the right channel for you.

You can download Pluto TV for the Internet for free access to over 100 TV channels on your Android device. Content expertly selected just for you. There are channels on various topics that try to cover as many users and tastes as possible.

How to use Pluto TV APK?

The interface of the application is very easy to use and allows you to do everything from one window. At the top of the screen, you can watch videos, and at the bottom you see a complete list of all the channels included in the platform, sorted by category. In each of these, you will find dozens of options and hundreds of channels to customize the way you watch TV.

If you want a more personalized experience, Pluto TV invites you to sign up, so you can mark your favorite channels or shows and receive notifications when they air. In addition, when you sign up, your details are saved, so you can access them from the web version of the app or iOS and Android versions.


The free TV and movie streaming services are here for you! Watch hundreds of live TV channels and thousands of movies and TV shows, all free streaming. It also offers more than 45 Spanish language channels, including mother tongue, dubbed movies, reality TV, crime, sports, and more. Pluto TV is 100% free and legal: no credit card, contract, or bill.

  • Lifestyle
  • Curiosity
  • Material type
  • All kinds of movies.
  • News and hot topics.
  • Sports competitions.
  • Music and video clip channel.
  • The world of technology and a geek.
  • Children’s content with children’s animated images.
  • Exclusive channels are offered by Pluto TV, including Cats 24/7.

Find different channels

Browse the various channels and see what they offer, so you always know what you want to watch. Since Pluto TV content comes directly from YouTube, there will be no breaks, except when one show ends and the other begins. There is a lot of variety on Pluto TV, but it is true that its content is maintained in the form of other channels (e.g. news channels bring news from here and there) or endless artist playlists. You can also watch it on YouTube.

Advantages of Pluto TV APK

Pluto TV APK includes the best hits, cult classics, and blockbusters. You will find something for everyone on Pluto TV. There is also an option to share what you see on social media so that your friends can see your choice and also watch these shows using the Pluto TV app.

The shape of Pluto TV APK is similar to the current TV list, which contains the schedule and information of all the channels on which the programs are being broadcast. Also, although you can’t restore past broadcasts, you can start watching programs from scratch.


  • Very clear interface
  • Save your favorites
  • Offer a diverse channel.


  • Channel in English only

Watch good content

Content is created and selected by app experts. You’ll find only what you really care about. Forget about all the boring movies you’ve seen over and over again. Content is updated on a daily basis and new channels are added regularly, so pay attention to each new release. Even though there aren’t many stations available at the moment, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time watching their programs whenever you have free time to waste.

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Package Name
Op. System
Android 5.0
17.55 MB
Oct 22nd, 2021

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