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Popcorn Time APK is a movie and series player that will impress fans with this type of audiovisual content. It is the best free movie app for Android. Popcorn Time is the result of several developers and designers who have put together a set of APIs to make your torrent movie-watching experience as smooth as possible.

It is an application that gives access to a comprehensive free catalog of movies and series that you can play in a high-quality format. Watch the best movies and TV shows in true HD quality, without ads or interruptions. Popcorn Time’s interface is beautiful and intuitive.

How to use Popcorn Time APK?

Popcorn Time APK is very similar to the Windows version. The app chooses the .torrent file for the movie or episode you want to watch and streams it to your device. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a Wi-Fi connection when using the app.

On the first screen of the app, you can quickly access any of the latest versions available for download, and you can access the series selection or search tools by simply tapping on the screen. Needless to say, this app is very useful for tablets or devices that allow you to use Android on TV.

If you are searching for a movie and want to watch its trailer, you don’t need to go for any other app. Simply click on the movie’s thumbnail and hit the “Trailer” button, which will take you directly to the official trailer. It has a great feature to mark shows and movies as watched so that you don’t waste your time and internet bandwidth to check whether you have watched this movie or not.

What are the uses of Popcorn Time APK?

With this app, you can watch episodes of live movies and TV series in HD with subtitles. If the movie ends, Popcorn will help you find the best possible version and play it in the meantime.  The new and improved Popcorn Time allows you to watch free movies and TV shows online in HD or SD with subtitles.

It allows you to stream movies and TV shows directly to your device. With the latest version, you can download and save offline. So you can watch it at your leisure without an internet connection.

Why should we use Popcorn Time APK?

Popcorn Time APK provides services through a torrent connection that downloads videos to a temporary folder starting from the start of the clips. It’s a long-running service that has been providing series and movies to its customers for many years, so there’s no reason to think that it might stop doing this anytime soon.

The service is surprisingly stable and updated almost daily with the latest content and good quality. In short, if you missed the last release of the movie or you want to enjoy the childhood program that you love so much, you will probably find it at Popcorn Time. Once installed, you can easily browse hundreds and thousands of content and search for movies by genre or list movies and shows by popularity.


  • The app is designed to automatically find and scrap the best torrent files available while keeping the Movie and TV Show database up to date.
  • A separate section where all shows are based on anime, a large collection of anime and movies.
  • It allows you to watch and download any movie or TV series as many times as you like without any restrictions. All you need is a reliable internet connection.
  • Every movie and TV show in Popcorn Time Database is available in different quality including 1080p, 720p, and 480p.
  • Popcorn Time APK lets you stream your favorite movies and shows directly to your Android device.
    Just download movies and watch them when you have the time. No internet required. You can also share it or transfer it to other devices like PC or Media Box.
  • An option to limit download speeds so that it does not affect other devices connected to the same Internet.
  • Change the view mode to TV mode if you’re using it on your Android TV for better, easier, and more intuitive controls and navigation.

Advantages Of Popcorn Time APK

PopcornTime is safe to download and install on your device as long as you have not downloaded it from a popular website – PopcornTime. … If you want to watch free movies with Popcorn Time on your Android device, visit online download sites to download Popcorn Time APK.

  • SpeedGates
  • Watch Offline
  • No restrictions
  • Free Streaming
  • Different Viewing Modes
  • Excellent Catalog with Excellence
  • Huge Movie and TV Show Database
  • Collection of Anime Movies and Shows

About the application

It is one of the best apps to watch and play online movies, TV series, shows, and mobiles right on your smartphone. It is a great way to watch movies and series online. This app allows you to play hundreds of movies and episodes of TV series directly on your Android device, without having to download anything.

This APK allows you to watch movies without downloading them. However, if your Wi-Fi connection is slow, you can also download movies and TV shows to watch without the internet. This means that you can start watching the movie or episode from the beginning while the rest of the video is downloading.

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