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WhatsApp Gold APK is a new modified version of WhatsApp that comes with customized features. Gold WhatsApp does many amazing things that are not in other WhatsApp modded versions and will make you fall for this WhatsApp mod.

You should download WhatsApp Gold on your phone because of its attractive themes and amazing customization options. These two are the main features of this WhatsApp modified version that will change the look of your whole app.

About WhatsApp Gold APK

WhatsApp Gold APK is one of the best and well known customized mod just like other WhatsApp Mods such as GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp & MBWhatsApp. This mod version of WhatsApp was created by Abu Arab and has many exciting features that you will love to use. Most people download WhatsApp Gold 2022 because of its unique features.

Another name for WhatsApp Gold is Golden WhatsApp. As you read the article, you will get to know why the WhatsApp Gold version has this name. You can install WhatsApp Gold APK on your mobile device for free.

Why WhatsApp Gold APK Was Created?

As a matter of time, everything becomes old. If you keep using the same app for a very long time, then you may get bored and want to try something new that you have not used. The same goes for WhatsApp Messenger. There are many people who want changes in the official WhatsApp but are unable to do it.

This is where this version of WhatsApp Gold APK comes from. People started to like WhatsApp Gold APK file and that’s why they are downloading it on their phones again and again after the app becomes outdated and do not want to go back to the same old official version of WhatsApp.

Why WhatsApp Gold Is So Popular?

As you know, this mod version of the original WhatsApp provides you with many features that are not even in the official WhatsApp that’s why people started to like this app and the popularity of the WhatsApp Gold App is increasing day by day.

In the latest version of WhatsApp Gold WhatsApp, you can take advantage of many features such as copy WhatsApp data, read deleted messages and hide online status. Due to the amazing features of WhatsApp Gold APK, people are liking this app.

What Makes WhatsApp Gold Very Special?

WhatsApp Gold which is also known as Golden WhatsApp has a very special feature that is not present in other mods of WhatsApp. The developer of WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab has added a special Golden theme in this mod that makes it unique from others.

The golden WhatsApp can be installed on your phone if you enable unknown sources but make sure to uninstall the other WhatsApp because two WhatsApp can not be installed on the same device if one of them is WhatsApp Gold.

Functions of WhatsApp Gold

If you think what is so special about using mods then let me clear you. Using this WhatsApp mod provides you with many features. If you download WhatsApp Gold APK, you can do a lot more than the users of official WhatsApp.

You can do many exciting things in the WhatsApp Gold latest version 2022. You can hide your writing status or hide double tick in the new version of WhatsApp Gold. You can not do these things in the original WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp Gold

Anti-Ban: WhatsApp Gold APK comes with the anti-ban feature that helps you to protect your WhatsApp mod from getting banned. Now you can download WhatsApp Gold 2022 without the fear of being caught by the official WhatsApp servers.

Hide View Status: In the WhatsApp Gold APK latest version 2022, you can view your contact’s status and they will not know that you have viewed their status. This feature is not available in the original WhatsApp version.

Anti Delete Status: With the help of this feature in WhatsApp Gold 2022 latest version, you can not only view the status of your contacts in a hidden way but also view those statuses which have been deleted before 24 hours.

DND Mode: Sometimes you get annoyed when you are using another app and getting notifications from WhatsApp. With the help of DND mode, you can use your mobile device without getting notifications from the WhatsApp Gold APK. It cut off the internet connection for WhatsApp but you can use other apps on the internet.

Theme Store: If you are bored with viewing the old theme in the original WhatsApp, then you should try WhatsApp Gold in the latest version 2022 on your mobile phone. In the updated version of WhatsApp Gold, you will get many beautiful themes that will make your app look new.

Chat Backup: You can easily create a chat backup click on the three dots and finding the chats option. There is a cloud storage enable that allows you to backup your chats so that when you want to download WhatsApp Gold 2022, your account data will be restored. Thus you will not have to get worried about your WhatsApp chat in Gold WhatsApp APK.

Make Video calls: You can make a video call on WhatsApp Gold. Although this is the main feature and one of the main purposes to download WhatsApp Gold APK file.

Send Media files: You can send different media files in WhatsApp Gold such as pdf files as well as XML files. So if you are a businessman and want to send your important documents, then you can select WhatsApp Gold in the latest version.

VPN feature: In the golden WhatsApp, you have the ability to use VPN. Those users who have blocked golden WhatsApp in their regions can get the advantage of this feature.

Golden Themes: WhatsApp Gold APK is also known as Golden WhatsApp because there you will find golden themes that will give your WhatsApp a golden look. You will not find this feature in the official application.

Message scheduler: Do you often forget important dates and thus make other people wait? If yes, then you should enable this feature because it will remind you of an important event so that you may not miss wishing that person such as for a birthday or for a marriage anniversary.

Make Voice calls: You can make a voice call on WhatsApp Gold APK Download. All you need is to update WhatsApp Gold APK file click the download button.

Send Messages: You can send messages when you download WhatsApp Gold just like in the official app.

Chat Lock: In the golden WhatsApp, you can lock your chats and keep your all chats safe from others. The conclusion WhatsApp mods.

Hide writing status: When you chat with your friend, you see the status of writing at the top of the conversation screen. You can hide this status if you download WhatsApp Gold on your android device. In this way, you can type a long message and the other person will not know that you are typing.

Anti Delete messages: The updated version of Golden WhatsApp allow you to read the deleted messages. If someone sends you a message and deletes it, then you will have the ability to read that message in WhatsApp Gold.

Freeze Last Seen: When you download WhatsApp Gold in the new version, you will be able to freeze your last seen. The advantage of doing this is very clear. Your contacts will think that you have not used WhatsApp for a very long time and if they annoy you by sending messages they will stop doing this.

Share your Location: If you are in an unknown place and need help then you can share your location on Gold WhatsApp and ask for help from your friends. This is one of the finest features of WhatsApp Gold.

Send Photos: You can send photos on the Gold WhatsApp without any limit. In the official WhatsApp, you have a limit of sending 20 images at a time. But when you download mods of WhatsApp, you can send as many pics as you want. No one can stop you from sending more images at once.

Use WhatsApp Web: This newly installed app can be used in the web version. So if your phone is on charging and you can not use it right away, then it is best to use the WhatsApp web on your laptop so that you can share the important data without compromising anything.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Gold WhatsApp


WhatsApp Gold provides you with many advantages. This is one of the most famous apps that allows you to use many security features so that you can be protected from others who want to spy on you on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Gold provides quick WhatsApp update.


If you use the old version, then you will have to update WhatsApp Gold from third-party sites because Gold WhatsApp is not available in the Play store. Moreover, you can not use WhatsApp Gold with other WhatsApp on the same device. You will have to uninstall one in order to use the other WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Gold APK In The Latest Version

You can download WhatsApp Gold APK in the latest version 2022 by clicking on the download button. When you click on the download button, you will be provided with a download link. You will have to open settings, tap unknown sources and enable it to install WhatsApp Gold 2022.

In the file manager of your android devices, open the downloaded file. Wait a few seconds so that the installation is completed, open WhatsApp, and follow all the instructions given on the screen. If you want to use the updated version of Gold WhatsApp, then you can use the same method in your operating systems.

Note: WhatsApp Gold is a mod that is not created by the official WhatsApp that’s why we do not suggest our users to download this third-party app on their mobile phones.

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