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Cyber WhatsApp

Cyber WhatsApp


Cyber WhatsApp is an improved version of official WhatsApp that comes with many advanced features that you can not find in the original app. This modified version of WhatsApp has a bunch of exciting features where you can do so many things.

Users can customize the look of their WhatsApp messenger and enjoy the privacy features to the fullest. It allows users to change the theme, colors, fonts, icons, and overall look of the app.

These are the common features of the Cyber WhatsApp:

Airplane Mode: You can turn on this feature and after that, you will not receive messages and will not use the internet for other applications.

Turn off double tick: In this app, you can turn off this option and you can still read the messages but the sender will think that you have not received the message yet and you are offline.

Theme Store: This app has a theme store that contains a lot of cool themes of different types. You can find your favorites and apply them to your application.

Status Downloader: Now you can download the status of your contacts very easily from the status download option in this app. You can also copy the full caption below the statuses.

Lock Your WhatsApp: Now you can lock your WhatsApp using your fingerprint, PIN, or password very easily. This security password will not apply to other apps because it is the private lock system of this app.

Sending large files: With this version of WhatsApp, you can also send large files. The basic version restricts you from sending a limited file size but here there is no such restriction.

Send bulk photos: The traditional WhatsApp app only lets you send 100 photos at a time. This version of WhatsApp has removed this limitation by allowing you to send more than 100 images at a time.

Download the APK of Cyber WhatsApp and enjoy access to unlimited features offered by this app.

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APK 9.91 (79 MB)
Safety Check:

The Cyber WhatsApp has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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