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An amazing mod of Official YouTube.



YouTube Pink APK is an advanced version of the YouTube app that comes with a pink-colored theme. This is a version of youtube that is Pink. We all have seen Youtube in Red color so it is no less than a treat to see this Pink YouTube APK app and take the advantage of its features on android devices.

With the help of YouTube Pink APK, you can watch videos the same as on the official YouTube on your android device. You will have more options in this app than in the original app to watch videos in the background so that you can do other chores without wasting your time.

About YouTube Pink APK

YouTube Pink APK is a modified version of YouTube that lets you watch Youtube videos in the background. You will have many amazing features when you download YouTube Pink APK on your phone. If you are a music person, then you should definitely download the APK file of Pink YouTube.

You will get surprised by the Youtube Pink APK features such as you can get to know the popular music video trends so that you will be updated on the current situation of music. Moreover, you will also be provided with the option to create playlists in the mod APK in case you only want to watch and listen to your favorite videos.

Why Do People Download YouTube Pink APK?

As you know the official YouTube app is one of the most used apps all over the world but still, there are many features that are not available in it. Many people think that YouTube should add those features in the normal version of YouTube instead of YouTube Premium.

That’s why those people who are unable to pay for the premium subscription of YouTube, Usually tend to download YouTube Pink APK files so that they can use the additional features that are only allowed for the premium users.

You can watch restricted videos, have a lot of recommended videos, and double-tap the video screen to adjust the video playback in this mod version. Moreover, if you are irritated by the annoying ads, then you will not have to see those ads in this YouTube Vanced third-party app.

Play Videos in an Exciting Environment

Download this amazing app on your phone because with the help of this app, you can watch your favorite videos in a very exciting environment. You will have a lot of options that you can use while watching videos. You can increase or decrease the brightness of the app according to your own choice.

Functions of YouTube Pink APK

By downloading YouTube Pink APK file, you can watch videos on your android device without having to worry about anything. You will not see any kinds of ads that interrupt you in your videos which means you can enjoy the ad-free experience to watch videos on your android phone.

You will love to see the Pink colored theme of this mod APK file. If you like the pink color, then you should defiantly love to see the Pink color theme to watch the video on this mod. You will also have the option to control the app directly which is not available in other media player apps.

Watch YouTube Videos on Pink YouTube APK

You will have a great time playing videos in the background when you download the latest version of YouTube Pink APK. There are many more missing features you find here than on the official YouTube.

You can subscribe to your favorite channels and watch the videos according to your own choice. The switchable themes allow you to change themes when you want. This feature is not available in other apps. You can also connect your phone to other devices with the help of the cast feature.

Features of YouTube Pink APK

Pink Colored Theme: The Pink colored theme is the key feature of this mod version. If you are bored with using the old version of the YouTube App then you should try the YouTube Pink APK that you can get from this download page.

Play Videos in the Background: With the help of Pink YouTube APK, Playing videos in the background is possible. You will not have to worry about the song that will stop. In fact, it will keep playing and thus if you have any other work to do, you can do that while enjoying listening to music videos.

Dark Mode: If you are a person who does not like brightness then you can enable dark mode in the latest version of YouTube Pink APK. You can use the dark theme to watch YouTube videos in this Pink YouTube APK. In this way, your eyes will not get damaged and you can enjoy a safe watching experience. In this way, YouTube Pink is safe to use on android phones.

Adjust Screen Brightness: The latest version of this WhatsApp mod allows you to adjust the screen brightness of the YouTube Pink app. In this way, if you can not see clearly in a video, then you will start seeing it with a clear result. all you can do is with the help of the Pink YouTube app.

Play Videos on Loop: If you like a song and you want to listen to it again and again on your android phone, then you can use the feature of the video loop. In this way, even if you are busy, the song that you liked will be playing over and over again and thus you will not have to check again and again.

Double Taps: You can double tap in the Pink YouTube APK to watch YouTube videos. So if you want to skip a part of the video, then you can use this feature. In this way, you will not have to watch that part that you are avoiding in Pink YouTube APK.

Connect with TV: You can connect your Pink YouTube APK to the TV with the help of the Chromecast feature. This feature comes very handy when you are at a family gathering and try to show everyone a special thing. In this way, you will not have to give your phone to everybody. Instead, you can ask them to sit in one place and connect your phone to the TV.

No Country Restriction in Content: YouTube App is one of the top trending apps and it has users all over the world. But due to some policies, you do not watch some content. Now, you can watch the restricted video in Pink YouTube APK. You will not have country restrictions anymore with the help of this app.

No Advertisements: Most importantly when you watch a video and suddenly an ad comes, it may ruin your mood. There are many more apps that remove ads but only in the premium version. But when you download YouTube Pink App, you can remove Youtube ads. Now you can play videos on Pink YouTube without having to watch ads. This is such a wonderful feature that is offered by Pink YouTube APK.

Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Pink APK


You can have more features than in the official YouTube app. In this app, you can watch YouTube videos that can be played even in the background. You can also use the PIP mode so that you can concentrate on your video as well as do some other work. You can also upload videos in Pink YouTube APK.


You will not find the APK file on the Google play store to download YouTube Pink APK app on your phone. That is why you will have to get this app from a third-party website instead of the play store.

Install YouTube Pink APK on Android Devices

Click on the download button to download YouTube Pink APK. Wait for the download to be completed. When the Pink YouTube downloading is over, then go to the settings of your phone and enable unknown sources.

Find the APK file of the app from the file manager and tap on it. Click on the install button and open the app when the installation is completed. You can use the same method to download the latest version of your app if you think your app is outdated.

Note: You will need to make sure that you download YouTube Pink app from a trustworthy site otherwise you may get malware virus on your android phones.

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