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Youtube Vanced APK is a modded app basically inspired by the official Youtube app that lets you download videos on your android device. With the help of YouTube Vanced APK, you will have a lot of new features to the official YouTube that you can not even imagine.

You can do many new things by using this YouTube-modified version on your android phone. You will have free access to every content you see in this modified version of Youtube. You will have the facility to play videos in the background of the app.

About YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced APK is a mod version of Youtube that will allow background playback on your phone. You will use a lot of new features in this modded version of youtube and then in the official Youtube. There are now more new options that are properly displayed and added to enable many changes.

Download Youtube Vanced APK in the latest version on your phone and watch youtube videos along with the youtube music with the background playback option. In this way, even if you want to use other apps you can do this without getting your music off.

Why Do People Download YouTube Vanced APK?

There are many people who want to use the premium features of official YouTube on their android phones. But they do not have sufficient money or simply they can not afford it. In this way, many people like to use the modded version of this app on their phones.

By doing this, you will get many features that you can not use on the official YouTube. Simply install YouTube Vanced app on your phone and get rid of annoying ads that keep coming when you are watching an interesting movie. Moreover, you will have a lot of new things that you will need to explore yourself after downloading the Youtube Vanced app.

Functions of YouTube Vanced App

With the help of YouTube Vanced, you will not have to watch irritating ads on your phone. In this way, you will get a clean environment to watch whatever you want without seeing disturbing ads. You can also watch Youtube videos on your phone without having to worry about the region. By using this Youtube Vanced manager app, you can watch everything even if it is not available in your region.

You will have a lot of new things to try in this mod version of the official app. You can change the default video resolution along with the default playback speed in Youtube music Vanced manager app. You can also use the app in Picture in picture mode and search for other Youtube Vanced music.

Play YouTube Music With Background Playback

It is very easy to download Vanced manager on your mobile devices and then use the app to play Youtube music Vanced on or phone. You can easily do so many things on this mod. This app comes with the feature of background play which means you can listen to your favorite songs and favorite videos but in the meantime, you can do so many other things such as opening other apps.

This popular modded version of YouTube lets you watch movies with the complete relief that the official Youtube failed to give. You can force HDR playback or can also turn off 60 fps. You will love watching movies in this app as the app let you use many features of Youtube premium.

Get an Exciting Environment to Watch Youtube Videos

The Youtube Vanced comes with a number of amazing features that are available in the YouTube Premium version. The best feature ever is the ad blocker. You can enjoy the original video without any annoying ads. It allows you to override codec options and access the custom device configs.

Besides, the background video playback feature is also present in the Vanced app. Some additional features such as a dark

theme are also available in this version. Its interface is very similar to the official YouTube app. This makes it easy to find your favorite videos and then download them easily. Integrating a native app with the APK on the target device is easy.

You can change the video’s theme and quality by changing the app’s video settings. YouTube Vanced also has a music streaming service called Vanced Music. You can enjoy millions of songs in this app without any hassle. It automatically skips the ads and removes comments

Features of YouTube Vanced

Dark mode: Download Youtube Vanced app on your phone as the app provides you with the feature of a dim theme. You must have to click on the dark-themed icon on the app and then your screen will be dark. In this way, your eyes will not hurt if you are using your phone at night time. This feature keeps your eyes safe.

Adblocker: One of the main features of this app is you can use the features of Youtube premium in the latest version. You will not have to watch ads on your phone. You can easily toggle home ads, most UI ads, merchandise ads, movie upselling, compact movie, movie shelf removal, compact banner info, and video ads. The adblocking background playback helps you in partially disabling recommended videos.

Auto-repeat: The auto-repeat feature in this app lets the video get auto-repeat. There are many video player apps but the feature that you will find in Vanced youtube will not find in other apps. Simply install Youtube Vanced app on your mobile phone to use the auto-repeat feature. In this way, you will not have to repeat the music by yourself.

Tablet version: If you do want to see community posts or new comments you can toggle them in the tablet version. In this way, you can see the tablet UI on your phone. You can also use this feature if you are not interested in the mini player. In this way, you can use the Vanced manager to watch HD videos with a good screen resolution. Google pushed the new comments to tablets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Youtube Vanced


Youtube Vanced has so many new things that are not present for the non-premium user. It is a much better version of the stock android youtube app. You will not see youtube ads by using the Youtube Vanced block. The latest version of this Vanced manager has added support for setting the minimum segment duration, added an option to change the API URL, and enable the SB browser button.


This Vanced Youtube app is not available on the Google play store as the app violates the Google play services. Therefore, you will have to download Vanced manager from third-party websites. Moreover, the app can not safe as the official Youtube.

Install YouTube Vanced APK File on Android Devices

If you want to download videos on your phone for free from Youtube, then you should download Youtube Vanced app on your android by clicking on the download button. Get the download link and wait for the download to get completed.

Go to the settings of your device and enable unknown apps to install YouTube Vanced. Find the downloaded APK file of the app to install micro app. Click on the app and tap on the install button to start the installation process.

When the installation is completed, you can open the app and start using it to watch or download videos from Youtube Vanced or get the ad blocking comments location.

Note: You can install YouTube Vanced in three variants. Root version for rooted devices, non-root version for non rooted devices, and Magisk Variant. Make sure during the initial configuration wizard, select non root.

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