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Take a chance to become a legend of rally racing.



CarX Rally APK is a car racing game where you get behind the wheels of powerful cars and drive around on natural and fierce racing tracks. Make the most of each vehicle to beat the other drivers and fight for better cars. It is an arcade racing game whose makers have come up with the idea of ​​successful movies of the past.

Excellent graphics, a rich garage, and lots of opportunities for car customization will add originality and sophistication to the gameplay. But the main focus that the developer has put is an impressive collection of game modes Race for Time, Spikes, Carousel Race, Drifting, Stocking, and much more so that every player can choose the best mode.

Why should we download CarX Rally APK?

CarX Rally APK lets you enjoy a range of racing tracks where you can feel the thrill of these rallies. Driving each vehicle as efficiently as possible can give you a great time while you’re trying to beat all your opponents.

Like other racing games, you only have to achieve one goal: to gain time and slowly rise to the top of the rankings. But in CarX Rally APK, you’ll experience many different levels of emotion while driving through peaceful, scenic countryside roads. So, the spirit of racing is not as strong as in street driving games but it is very poetic and peaceful.

How to play CarX Rally APK?

CarX Rally starts with a few cars, but gradually you can unlock new cars for completing each track. Either way, you can adjust the controls according to the driving style that suits you best. This means using directional arrows, a floating steering wheel, or the device’s swivel capabilities. Braking or accelerating is as easy as depressing the relevant pedal.

The track opens onto a large, well-ventilated area. The landscape around you gives you peace of mind and you can run without getting tired. But always keep in mind that time is of the essence. Don’t get so caught up in the view that you forget you’re running. Also on the way to the destination, you will encounter many obstacles, difficulties, and challenges. This may be a median pass, a winding mountain road, or a dangerously sharp turn; The obstacles here come from the road itself and are not intentionally placed as in many other racing games.

Play in a smooth flow

At first, this game satisfies you with its very smooth operation with light curving curves. They are also there to train the players. And unless you really know the process, CarX Rally will turn out to be a very challenging racing simulation game.

The interesting thing is that in most of the game screens, the map only shows a short distance ahead and the player cannot know the exact location of the obstacles or difficult turns. Therefore, the only good concerns can help you maintain vehicle speed and maintain pavement.

Difficult locations

You should be more discerning in the support you give to others. Take a sharp turn on the map and react quickly to restore balance before falling into the roadside grass and exploding. You have only one way to pass through the many levels in the game. Try to maintain your stability while driving, and improve your driving skills by experiencing many hours of driving on many different roads.


These are the features of CarX Rally that you will find while playing the game.

  • Real-life physics rally car racing. Choose whether you want to grow or take full hold.
  • Tournament. 35 championships for regular cars or muscle cars
  • A variety of cars to choose from to suit each driver’s taste.
  • Tuning your car to your liking.

Get rewards

After each race, you will get rewards according to your success. This money is for unlocking new cars or upgrading the car’s engine, wheels and gearbox. Either way, the sole purpose is to increase track conditioning and provide the car with faster reactions for more impressive results.

CarX Rally has amazing graphics, the quality of which can suit any Android device. If you decide you want the most of the experience, every racetrack and in-car machine can be seen in all their glory.

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What's new

New feature - seasonal pass "Winter Pass", which will allow players to earn a large variety of in-game rewards 6 new cars (Bug Catcher, VTS, Midnight, Syberia WDC, Hummel, Grace GT). Price revision for certain cars in the Garage. Car models revamp: interiors have been added to all current cars. Balance changes in certain stages of the Career, Licenses, and Special Stages. Small fixes to side objects on certain tracks. Performance optimization for low-spec devices. Overall bug fixes.

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Dec 3rd, 2021

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