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Dr. Driving APK is a driving game that deviates from the classic racing model of sports where speed is important. Instead, it chooses a model that allows you to drive ordinary cars in a normal urban environment and at normal speeds. It is a mobile simulation game.

Like the Advanced Car Parking Game: Car Driver Simulator, Dr. Driving APK serves as a complement to actual driving. It provides a realistic experience for the players, which helps in ease of travel and reach their destination. Its graphics are neither excellent nor original. However, it is an addictive game that makes driving interesting.

Why should we download Dr. Driving APK?

If you are looking for an exciting car racing game that will drive you crazy, Dr. Driving may be what you are looking for. This game can be played in multiplayer mode just by logging in with your Google account. This is a very interesting driving game that can help you burn the roads. If you complete a mission in front of your opponents, you will earn free gold.

The Dr. Driving game offers a variety of steering control options. Such as steering to control, or tilting to control the phone. It has two modes, one from the dashboard and the other from the aerial view. Due to the lack of left and right mirrors, driving from the aerial view is much easier than the dashboard. The game’s graphics are standard and can be easily managed on a low-cost device. So, download the game immediately to start playing it.

How to play Dr. Driving APK?

Dr.Driving APK is a car simulation game that takes you behind a car on a busy road. You must drive carefully while turning the steering wheel. Make sure you follow traffic rules and don’t hit any other vehicle or side fence. The game is full of challenges and there is a lot to discover. Only for fans of driving games and those who enjoy real-time simulation. Because there are on-screen controls for the game, it’s less annoying and fun.

You need to follow the on-screen instructions that will tell you when to turn left or right and the clock will set a timer so you have a few minutes to reach your destination. A wrong move and this game are over because it is very easy to get to the middle car or another car. The game timer is running fast and you have to complete your mission and reach the finish line before it ends.

A game with no mission

There are many different missions in Dr. Driving for which you usually need to move from one place to another in the city and then park your car. It has no racing missions like other car simulators. Instead, it challenges you to drive well, find a parking space, and manage traffic. The goal is not to drive at full speed on city streets, but to take good turns, avoid accidents, and ultimately drive responsibly.

Get rewards

Dr. Driving game APK is a different and fun driving game that does not ask you to take part in exciting road races even once. This time around you should drive well but in a real way. Get in your car and get ready to play this car racing game. This challenging game will give you a realistic experience. By completing tasks, you will be paid based on how well you perform. And with that money, as you can imagine, you can buy better and better cars for your city tours.

You will be rewarded based on your performance during the work. You can then use your earnings to buy new cars, engine parts and repair the damage you do while going through challenges. Like other car games, your first car will be junk. However, there will be a wide range of cars available that you can buy as you progress.

Learn through driving missions

Dr. Driving game helps athletes learn how to drive through missions. Some of these include getting out of a multi-level parking lot or driving through traffic for a limited time. The second time, you will be assigned to travel to different locations with limited fuel. However, in all operations, it is important to drive carefully, follow traffic rules and avoid collisions. Traffic police at various places in the game, ready to write tickets. Also, a collision will end your game.


These are the features that Dr. Driving offers us:

  • Choose between right or left drive.
  • Adjust the sensitivity of your wheel.
  • Choose from three types of controls.
  • Play against other players or with friends on other channels.
  • Complete missions and get new cars: sports cars, SUVs, 4×4.
  • Reach the leaderboard for the player in different game modes.
  • Statistics about your missions, accidents, distance traveled, or average speed.
  • Apply improvements to your vehicle such as brakes, engine, tires, interior, stability…


  • Clear street view
  • Various missions
  • Responsive control
  • Online multiplayer mode
  • Connect with friends by logging into your Google account.


  • A little slow
  • Very simple graphics
  • There is no racing mode.
  • There is no chat in multiplayer mode.
  • TThere are not enough free cars available.

A realistic experience of driving

Game controls, including the steering wheel, accelerator, and brakes, are responsive and easy to use. Realistic car driving in a realistic environment makes the game even more challenging. Dr. Driving game is based on missions where you can earn money for missions and then upgrade to more expensive and modern cars. When turning, you can’t see the traffic coming from the left or the right.

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