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An arcade-style racing game with a twist.



Happy Wheels APK is a physics-based side-scrolling obstacle course game with over a billion online games and is now available for your mobile devices. It is a smartphone modification of the classic game of the same name. Your goal is to reach the end of the level set full of deadly traps. You have to do this by controlling the various characters installed on wheeled vehicles like bikes, wheelchairs, motorbikes, buggies, etc.

The combination of levels and characters, an excellent graphic section, fun mechanics, and an accurate control system make this title stand out. Play the role of your less-prepared racer and ignore the serious consequences in your anxious quest for victory.

Why should we download Happy Wheels APK?

Happy Wheels APK is an arcade-style racing game that comes with a twist. As the player’s race to be the first to cross the final line, the main goal is to somehow get out of the competition and cover the race track.

It includes a realistic physics engine with over 60 different levels and above all, all kinds of deadly obstacles and recreational obstacles: mines, destructive balls, harpoons, Spikes, giant hammers. You will love to play levels again and watch your character break down under any obstacle.

You may run into some dangers while traveling on wheels, and if you don’t think so, ask the poor spirits of Happy Whales. This is a simulation game full of obstacles and based on realistic physics where you have to manage multiple drivers on different vehicles and take them to the finish line.

Game controls

The Happy Wheels APK control system is very easy to use thanks to the touch screen. The tilt buttons for the front and back as well as the jump are located on the left side of the screen. Similarly, the acceleration and reverse buttons are on the right. You should also note that if you fall from your car, the controls also change.

Happy wheels include over sixty different levels, all carefully crafted by hand, with increasingly complex layouts and intricate webs. They all challenge you to avoid the walls of spikes, beacons, exploding landmines, blades, deadly drones, and more. Fortunately, there are more than six characters available to try and achieve all of these levels (each with its own vehicle).

Game characters

Speaking of characters, these are the most unusual and unique parts of the game. Everyone has their own car:

  • A trader who goes to work in a suit and tie on the Segway is quite safe.
  • An irresponsible father is taking his son on a motorcycle without any protection.
  • Old man in a wheelchair.
  • A fat woman is driving her electric car and she doesn’t care about running around the supermarket and wasting energy.
  • A child who thinks wheels are an unnecessary luxury and can go anywhere in a jacket.

About Happy Wheels APK

Although Happy Wheels is a pick-and-play game with a variety of scenarios, players may find it quickly painful or too basic to enjoy. These scenarios are designed to increase the difficulty and teach the player how to overcome the various challenges of the game. One of these challenges involves learning to control the characters. It can be difficult if you are not familiar with ragdoll-type games.

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What's new

• Two new levels for Pogo Stick Guy (4 and 5) • Minor bug fixes • More fixes coming soon

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Apr 9th, 2021

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