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One of the best alternatives to Terrarium TV.



CatMouse APK is an Android app for playing movies and TV shows and is one of the best alternatives to Terrarium TV. It allows you to watch movies and TV series for free, both premiere and classic, in high quality and with subtitles in their native language.

Why should we download CatMouse APK?

New movies and series are shown every day. At the same time, its demand also increased. Nowadays people use video streaming apps on their smartphones more than relying on traditional TVs. Some series are released exclusively on certain streaming sites. Would you like to see them all for free? You need to download CatMouse APK which can be installed on Android.

This amazing video streaming app has tons of movies and TV shows that can be enjoyed without spending a single penny. As long as you can find movies and shows, you can watch them without any interruption with this app! no one can stop you.

What can we do by using CatMouse APK?

This free streaming app allows you to watch countless titles for free! The app gives you streaming links where you can watch and download your favorite movies for free! How revolutionary is this app? But if you ask what is the difference between this and a torrent? It’s simple, in this application you can easily find everything you need thanks to its huge collection!

Furthermore, new users may not easily understand how torrenting works. But CatMouse behaves just like a streaming platform! It allows them to easily watch and download any movie or show of their choice!


CatMouse is touted as the biggest new alternative to Terrarium TV. It is an application where we can access many movies and series completely free and with high-quality external links that we can watch in 4K for a lifetime. By browsing the app we can find the latest movies, best Blu-ray box office hits, full series that aired a while back, and even the latest episode of your favorite show that was released just 2 hours ago.


If you don’t use a legal streaming platform or don’t want to pay a monthly subscription just to watch a series, download this APK file now and take full advantage of all its features:

  • This allows you to add translations in multiple languages.
  • Receive notifications when new episodes are uploaded.
  • Compatible with Chromecast, Android TV, and TV Box.
  • It can bookmark watched episodes with a single tap on the screen.
  • There are 50 titles in 4K and many in Full HD (1080p) and HD (720p).
  • This allows us to download content for later viewing without an internet connection.
  • The app includes a calendar for future releases so we know when the releases of our interest are arriving.
  • It contains hundreds of series and movies divided into categories that we can watch in their native language.

Best for watch content for free

If you can’t afford to pay for a monthly subscription to streaming services like Netflix, CatMouse is the perfect app for you! This app has thousands of movies, TV shows, and series that you can stream online! Now you don’t have to just accept the cable offers they want. Thanks to this application you can watch any movie or show anytime and anywhere.

File Information

Package Name
Op. System
Android 4.4
10.3 MB
04 April, 2021

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