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OGWhatsApp is a new modified version of official WhatsApp that comes along with many amazing features. Download OG WhatsApp in the latest version because it can be considered reliable and secure for its users.

The latest OGWhatsApp APK is free and provides users with a safe chatting experience. This modified version of WhatsApp has many advanced features that will perfectly work on your android phones such as an inbuilt WhatsApp locker and pre-built message scheduler.

About OGWhatsApp

OG WhatsApp APK is another WhatsApp mod that provides its users with many additional features as well as the features of the original app. You will find all the features of the official WhatsApp but that is not all. You can also use other added features in the latest version of OGWhatsApp.

The APK file of this modded version can be easily downloaded to your android device so that you can use the features without any problem. The third-party developers do not create OG WhatsApp latest version to only provide a free messaging service but also many features.

As the original app has limited features that’s why the developers of this mod comes up with the idea of creating this mod and adding new features in it so that users can get benefit from its outstanding features.

Why Do People Prefer Using OGWhatsApp Over Official WhatsApp?

As you know that OG Whatsapp APK provides you with many features such as hiding online status, increasing the length of written status, and blocking specific contact calls. These features work smoothly and you will enjoy using OGWhatsApp.

However, these features are not available in the official version of WhatsApp. If you have used the official WhatsApp then you must have known that this android version of WhatsApp has limited features and soon you get bored from using this app.

According to the increasing number of downloads of OGWhatsApp APK, we can say that people love to use this third-party app because of the features provided in OGWhatsApp latest version.

Is OGWhatsApp APK Better Than The Official Version?

Mods are better options than the official apps if you want more features. The same goes for the OGWhatsApp APK which is a modded version of the official WhatsApp but has many features that are created for the users of the original WhatsApp APK.

In the official WhatsApp version, you can not read the message that is deleted. But if you download OGWhatsApp in the latest version on your android smartphone, then you can easily read the message that has been deleted right away when the sender deletes it for you.

You can do a lot more in OGWhatsApp than in the original WhatsApp. That’s why in terms of features, we can say that downloading OGWhatsApp APK is better than the original WhatsApp.

Can We Download OGWhatsApp From the Google Play Store?

Google strictly prohibits third-party developer apps that are modified. As you know OGWhatsApp APK is a modded version of the official WhatsApp that is modified without permission from the official developers.

This is the reason that’s why you will not find OGWhatsApp in the Google Play Store. So if you ever need to install OGWhatsApp APK, you will have to download the latest version from here by clicking on the downloading link.

Functions of OGWhatsApp APK

In the latest version of OGWhatsApp, you are provided with a lot of functions that will force you to love this mod. You can customize your app and add more privacy when using WhatsApp. You can get rid of annoying messages in the app.

You can easily change the group name which is one of the most amazing features of OG WhatsApp APK. Due to the privacy features in this mod, it is very easy to keep eye on other and protect your personal space on android devices without any problem.

Features of OGWhatsApp APK

Anti-ban: In OG WhatsApp, no one will be going to stop you from using this third-party app. If you think that you can get caught by the official servers while using this app then you are wrong. So try this mod and enjoy the latest features.

Hide Online Status: If you are online and do not want others to see you online then you can hide the status of your online. In this way, even if you are online, others will see you offline.

Pre-built message scheduler: There is a feature of message scheduler in OG WhatsApp that allows you to send messages in time. If you forget dates easily then this feature can come in handy. Now your friends will not get angry with you because of this amazing feature in your app.

Make voice and video calls: Just like other WhatsApp mods such as WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, and FMWhatsApp you can make audio and video calls. This feature is also available in the official WhatsApp application. This is the basic feature of OGWhatsApp that was inspired by the official app.

Custom themes: In OG WhatsApp, you are provided with a lot of custom themes that you can use to make your app look new. You can select and apply any of the given themes of your own choice. It will make your app beautiful and surprise everyone who sees your creativity.

Increase the length of written status: By using this modded version of Whatsapp, you can increase the length of your written status. In the official WhatsApp, you can only write the status in limited characters.

Copy anyone’s status: Now you can copy the status of your contacts that you like. You will not have to take a screenshot or write the whole status. You can simply tap the status and the written status will be copied so that you can upload later on your status or save it in another place.

Auto reply: The auto-reply feature in OGWhatsApp help you to reply to a message automatically. If someone sends you a message but you are online then with the help of this feature, a message will be sent to that person when you come online.

Use as Primary account: You can download and install OGWhatsApp APK and use it as a primary account. But it is best to use mods as a secondary account because your personal data may be at risk. As you know the developers of these mods can not be trusted.

Send multiple images at a time: In the original version of WhatsApp, you can send limited images at a time which takes your time, and sometimes you may get annoyed from selecting the pics again and again. With the help of this feature in OG WhatsApp, now you can send multiple pics at a time.

Make calls to unknown numbers: In this modded app, you will not have to save a number before calling. You can direct call a number that is not saved on your phone. You are free from saving a number and then call to that number which will take a lot of time and sometimes users get annoyed from saving the number.

Download profile pictures: This mod allows you to download the profile pictures of your contacts on WhatsApp. So if you like a DP of your contact, you can save it on your gallery without taking the screenshot.

Read deleted messages: It is very annoying when someone sends you a message and deletes it. In this situation, it will be very awkward to ask that person to send that message again. So download and install OG WhatsApp because, in this mod, you can read all the messages even if they are deleted from the other side.

View Deleted status: OGWhatsApp allows you to view the deleted status of your contacts. You can view all statuses even if they are deleted before 24 hours of the uploading time. After 24 hours, the status will be disappeared automatically.

Status download: If you like the status of your contact and want to save it without asking the other person to send it then it is best to download OGWhatsApp on your phone because it provides you with a feature called a status download that let you save the status in your gallery.

Set group name: In the official version of this app, you can only set a group name with limited characters. So if you ever want to set a name in this WhatsApp then you will need to think of the name within the available characters. But this is not the case in OGWhatsApp.

Free to download: OGWhatsApp APK can be downloaded on your mobile phone without any cost. You will not get charged for downloading modded versions of WhatsApp. You can also use all these features for free.

Advantages and Disadvantages of OGWhatsApp


OGWhatsApp offers many interesting features to users. You can change the font style to make your message screen more unique and amazing. OGWhatsApp modded app allows you to read deleted messages as well as view deleted statuses.


One of the main drawbacks of OGWhatsApp is that you have to download and install this mod from outside of the play store to use new features. Your data may be at risk because these types of apps are not trusted by Google and can be considered suspicious.

Use OGWhatsApp APK As a Secondary Account

One thing I want you to know is that you can easily install OG WhatsApp APK and use the latest features but you should use this mod as a secondary account. As you know using these third-party WhatsApp modded versions can access your personal data.

So it is not wise to install apps like OG WhatsApp that are modified and use them as the main account on your Android operating system. This WhatsApp APK is one of the most used mods because of its features that’s why people are downloading this mod rapidly in a very short span of time.

OGWhatsApp APK Download In The Latest Version

You can download OGWhatsApp by clicking on the download button. In the settings of your mobile phone, enable unknown sources and tap the APK file of OGWhatsApp that you have just downloaded in the file manager. The installation process will begin.

Wait till the installation process is complete. Now enter your phone number and start enjoying OGWhatsApp. You can use the same method to update the OGWhatsApp on your phone and take advantage of new features.

Note: Downloading and installing third-party apps may risk your privacy and personal data on your phone. We do not recommend any user to download mods, especially for primary use because we have not created this mod that’s why we can not guarantee the safety of your data.

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