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WhatsApp Transparent is an alternative development of the original WhatsApp. A third-party developer has created WhatsApp Transparent APK, a customized version of the popular messaging app. These mods, which have been in development for several years, have given users access to capabilities beyond the capabilities of the original WhatsApp.

With this customized version of the official app, you can do many things on your phone which is not possible with the original app. Also, this new version has unique features and is virus and bug-free. Why not download WhatsApp Transparent and take advantage of these great features without hindering the performance of the smartphone when the performance is excellent?

About WhatsApp Transparent

Another modern version of WhatsApp is the Transparent WhatsApp APK which has recently come on the market. It also has its own unique and amazing features that you will love. You will enjoy the best features in the WhatsApp Transparent APK than the official version of the WhatsApp application.

It helps us to stop looking at the boring background of the messaging app (which you can replace with the image of your choice) to display on the home screen of our smartphones.

Why Do People Download WhatsApp Transparent APK?

Due to some limitations and lack of features, many WhatsApp users are switching to WhatsApp MOD apps. These apps come without any limitations and users get complete control over their WhatsApp.

The same is the case with WhatsApp Transparent which is one of the latest WhatsApp MOD apps. This app was released recently and at one point it gained a lot of popularity all over the world. There are many WhatsApp mods such as GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Gold, OGWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and many more. This modified version of WhatsApp stands between the other popular WhatsApp mods.

Functions of WhatsApp Transparent APK

It has many interesting and exciting features which enable us to download this application on our mobile phones. All the features are more advanced than in the previous version. WhatsApp Transparent app helps with DND mode as well as saving WhatsApp status that you can not do in the Official WhatsApp app.

Also, if you want to use another WhatsApp number without getting WhatsApp banned, download WhatsApp Transparent APK. Conveniently, you can use your alternate number on your phone because of Whatsapp Transparent package. Just download “WhatsApp Transparent APK Updated Latest Version.

Improvements in Performance and User Interface

WhatsApp Transparent has improved functionality and usability like never before. It is one of the best versions of WhatsApp ever and the interface options are very intuitive. This allows your phone to run smoothly without frequent disconnections and allows you to achieve better overall performance with better photo sharing, video downloading, and status updates.

With the help of the transparent interface, you will quickly access every feature that is provided in this WhatsApp Transparent. You can enable DND mode to prevent messages in this mod.

Better Privacy Features

WhatsApp Transparent has better privacy options than ever before. You can hide your privacy status and online status. You can go online on WhatsApp without telling your friends that you are online. It allows you to hide your online status when you want to scroll through WhatsApp without chatting and replying to your friends.

Hide online status in these videos, don’t tag other tags, read messages without checking, hide date and time status carefully, copy messages and send them to your friends. You can hide your online presence in this android version of WhatsApp which is developed by third-party developers by using WhatsApp Transparent features on your android devices.

It also has an option to hide blue text, which means you can read messages without turning the text blue. This is one of the best privacy alternatives and makes you download WhatsApp GBPlus Transparent APK to your mobile phones.

More Customization Options and Hidden Features

It has better customization options, sends a larger number of files, and allows you to customize chats and star important messages. It also allows sending large files. Earlier it was not possible to send group files in all previous versions of WhatsApp Transparent APK, but working better and smoother in the transparent GB version of WhatsApp lets you send group files.

It has better-hidden status features but you have to be careful while using these features because WhatsApp can block you from using these features again and again. You can also remove the forward flag on forwarded messages with this improved version.

You can click on the download button to save the status of your contacts. This feature is not added by the official WhatsApp developers but you can use it on this mod version.

Features of WhatsApp Transparent APK

Anti-Ban: It comes with an Anti-Ban feature to prevent your account from being banned. This WhatsApp Transparent feature helps us to secure our WhatsApp account by registering it as maximum. But if you are using Transparent WhatsApp your account will not be banned. We recommend our users use another number on this WhatsApp modified version.

Change the user interface: In the basic version, you can modify WhatsApp to change the background of the chat, nothing more. This is where the Transparent WhatsApp app comes with many beautiful themes.

It currently has dozens of themes in the latest version to ensure you a personalized chatting experience. With an impressive library of amazing themes, more are being added regularly in every update by the developer team behind the app.

Emoji: Using emojis allows you to communicate without using words. Emojis are used when words fail to adequately express how we are feeling. While WhatsApp Transparent GB Plus includes a big selection of emojis and emoticons, WhatsApp Transparent GB Plus goes above and above by offering additional choices.

Read Deleted Messages: This feature is awesome and included in this GB Plus app. By enabling this feature, you can read deleted messages. After enabling this feature, the sender will not be able to delete the message. So no more fantasizing about deleted messages if you use WhatsApp Transparent app.

Freeze Last Scene: This feature allows users to freeze their last seen. So the sender will not see your last WhatsApp and will think that you have not used WhatsApp for a long time. In the previous versions, this feature was glitching but now you can use this feature on your mobile phone with the help of WhatsApp Transparent APK.

Customization: With WhatsApp Transparent app, you can change the size of each element differently, such as fonts, icons, position, etc. With this great feature, you can keep track of your friends. WhatsApp Transparent APK allows you to customize the color of the fonts in your chats and you can set any color as the default for the fonts.

Hide View Status: With this feature in WhatsApp Transparent, you can check the status of any contact in your list without any notification. You can keep track of your friends with this unique feature. You have known enough about WhatsApp Transparent.

Multimedia Sharing: Several users have complained about quality issues while sending files through the original WhatsApp system. In this modified version of WhatsApp, the file size requirement has been increased, allowing large files and long videos to be shared without compressing or splitting them into pieces. Likewise, high image quality is ensured – no compression is required before media can be sent.

Send forwarded messages: It also has a privacy feature that removes forwarded messages. You may have noticed that when someone sends you a post on WhatsApp, it is automatically flagged as ‘Forwarded’. By enabling this feature in GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Transparent, you can remove the tag and you will not be able to move forward with the tagged post.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Transparent WhatsApp APK


With the latest version of Transparent WhatsApp, you can use do not disturb mode as well as send media files to your contacts. You can use the anti-ban features in this android version of WhatsApp developed by third-party developers on your mobile phones.

There are so many improved hidden features in this enhanced version of WhatsApp that can hide your active presence with a simple user interface. It also allows you large media sharing in the transparent version of the official WhatsApp.


You will not get WhatsApp Transparent APK on the Google play store. So you will have to download the Transparent WhatsApp app from third-party websites instead of the Google play store. Moreover, to update WhatsApp Transparent APK, you will have to do it manually.

Install WhatsApp Transparent APK Download Link

Click on the download button to get the download link in order to download WhatsApp Transparent. When you get the WhatsApp Transparent, click on it and have the WhatsApp Transparent APK file on your device. It will be downloaded automatically on your mobile phone.

Go to the settings menu of your phone and enable unknown sources to install WhatsApp Transparent APK. Enabling unknown sources is mandatory to install apps from third-party developers.

Find the downloaded app from the file manager and tap on the install button. Wait for the installation of this modified version of WhatsApp on mobile phones. Open WhatsApp Transparent APK once it has been done and start using the exciting features of this WhatsApp mod.

Note: The Package of WhatsApp Transparent APK is not the same as the official app. That’s why you can use this modified version along with the original WhatsApp and make your WhatsApp account on both versions.

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