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Game Killer APK is a tool that lets you modify your games. You can modify online games as well as offline games. This app is powerful and very easy to use. It supports the largest number of games and is compatible with the latest Android versions such as Lollipops, KitKat, and Marshmallows.

This is an android app that allows you to convert coins, gems, etc from android games using memory mod technology. Game Killer has been downloaded by over 10 million users worldwide on android devices, making it one of the most downloaded apps that are not available on the Google Play Store.

About Game Killer APK

Game Killer is an Android application that is used to hack or modify the aspects of Coins in your favorite video game. It is a great application that lets you enjoy your game without any hindrance. It might tout it as one of the most downloaded apps but it is not available on Google Play Store.

This app allows us to convert any number of coins, gems, and points into any value we choose. Game Killer is a great hack tool that uses memory mods. You can download Game Killer freely on your android device. This app works on memory modification technology to hack almost any android game. You can also change your score using this app.

Reasons to Download Game Killer APK

We all play a lot of games and we all know very well that we need to work hard to collect coins and get gems, which can be used to unlock many resources. However, with this app on your device, you can easily get unlimited coins and points for free as well. You can score big in your favorite game and brag about your score in front of your friends.

There are many android apps that let you modify any game on your android phone. But the latest android version of Game Killer APK allows you to do so many things. This android game hacking tool is an alternative to Cheat Engine, Lucky patcher, and Jasi Patcher.

Functions of Game Killer APK

The app has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use the app even for beginners. The application can be downloaded for free to change the memory of all the games to get unlimited resources.

It allows you to hack many offline games to enjoy unlimited lives, gems, coins, and other resources. You can find the latest updated versions of all the games. This app works on the latest Android versions including Lollipop, KitKat, and Marshmallow. Game Killer is updated regularly to support most phones.

Game Killer requires root access and works flawlessly on rooted Android devices. It supports almost all Android smartphones and is free. It is definitely a must-have app for every player.

Hack Games on your Android Devices

Once the application is installed, the next question that arises is how it can be used to hack applications. Open the app and minimize it. Now, open the game you want to hack and start playing it for some time and then pause it and check the score, coins, or value of whatever you want to change.

Now go to the Game Killer app. Enter your score or current currency value in the search box in the Game Killer app window (type: automatic recognition). You will get a list of memory locations with the same value. After that, play the game again to change the value of the coin/gem and now search the memory locations.

You may have played this until you found only one memory location with this value in the application. Once you find only one memory slot, select it and set the number to the amount you want, and submit it.

Then, you will know that the value has changed in your game. This way you can get as many coins and gems as you want on your android device with the help of the Game Killer application.

Features of Game Killer App

Hacking games: You can use the Game Killer app to hack any game that you like to play. In addition, you can offer money, power, health, and many other additional benefits.

Safety: The most important thing that a user looks for in such applications is security. The application is completely safe without any malware or viruses.

Compatibility: The app is compatible with all Android phones. Apart from the ability to download the app, it is the best choice for iOS and PC.

Ads on: The game killer is not limited to hacking games or some game add-ons. But you can also fix any glitches in the game easily.

Unlimited features: With this engine, you can hack the video game value and get unlimited diamonds, money, gold, and more. The Game Killer APK works with many games. There are many users who want to get more coins.

Smooth user interface: You don’t need to learn any skills to hack games. The user interface of the app is completely smooth and without any experience.

No Ads: There are no ads if you’re in some of the apps you’re showing ads in. Annoying ad removal is not included in this app.

Offline: If you want to modify or hack any offline game on your phone. After that, you can use the app as it works with all online games.

No root: You will not need to root your phone to download the latest version of the Game Killer application. Also, you will not jailbreak your device for iOS app download or download options.

Free to use: You will modify the game, hack, and provide add-ons for free without any money. Because it’s free for all devices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Game Killer APK


Download Game Killer APK to edit your favorite games and change coins. This app is supported by a maximum number of games. You can exact search game value with unclear directions. This useful tool changes the gems aspects and works perfectly in non-rooted devices.


You will not find the Game Killer app in the play store. That’s why you will have to download Game Killer download links from third-party websites. There you may find many android versions of the Game Killer application.

Download Game Killer APK File on Your Android Device

Click on the download button to download Game Killer APK on your phone. Go to the settings of your devices and enable unknown sources to install Game Killer app.

Find the downloaded APK file of Game Killer from the Downloads folder and tap on the install button. When the installation is completed, you can open this android app by clicking on the Game Killer icon on your phone and modify your favorite video games.

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