A game modifier for rooted Android devices.



GameCIH APK is an application that you can use to modify and debug Android games and reap benefits such as not ending lives or much more. It is one of the popular applications for different smartphones. When people are bored they try some games on their android device while running out of coins, scores, stats, gems, unlimited lives, and money.

Game CIH APK is mainly used as a game modifier for rooted Android devices including mobile phones and tablets (no root or system denial). You can easily get the offline installer file which is available for those who love Android games.

Why Was GameCIH APK Created?

Are Android games too difficult for you? Don’t you want to feel invincible, want to be faster, want as many gold coins as possible, or just play without ads? We bet you do, and we’re sure you don’t want to pay a cent on app purchases. Well, although this is a legal method, there are other options for mod games and one of them is GameCIH APK. It was created to give users with relaxation and comfort.

GameCIH APK is a great app that is used to patch Android games. It is an alternative to apps like Lucky Patcher or Lulu Box. By using this app, you will get numerous advantages such as never-ending life, more coins, or unlimited health. It is basically a game modifier app that is used in no-rooted devices.

How To Download?

As you can imagine, you will not be able to download the GameCIH APK  from Google, so you will have to turn to apkvow. Although we need to warn you that if the mods you’re going to do involve skipping app purchases, you’re definitely unethical about the steps their developers have taken.

Not only does it look first of its kind, but it’s also a very easy-to-use tool. Best of all, it has gained a huge reputation in the money laundering business. So, if you want to play any game, download the GameCIH APK file from our site now and enjoy the amazing features of this app.

How To Use GameCIH APK?

GameCIH APK requires root access on the device to run the app. Do not try to cheat anything if you do not have a rooted phone. But you have the option to root your device in half a minute using the best router apps like Routemaster and Z4 Route on our website. I already mentioned that root is the only thing that allows GameCIH to run on Android OS. Follow the basic instructions below that will help you use the device in the future.

  • As always, get the full version of the GameCIH APK file for free from the download link.
  • Bypass the third-party installation settings and install the application.
  • Go to the CIH Opening Game in your game app.
  • Remember that it will be attached to the game app.
  • Press the erase button and return to the game.
  • Now edit the item you want.
  • Repeat this process until you have less than 10 values ​​left.
  • Change the values ​​to 9999999 or any number.

Advantages Of GameCIH APK

You may have seen some pages on the internet that offer you to download the App. This means that some of its internal values ​​are overwritten by such a tool and then extracted into a new APK file for web sharing.

Well, with this app you can do it all yourself and apply these patches to the game of your choice: you can change your score and game speed and increase your coins You can also get more life… Provided you play offline of course. Basically, because online games process this data on their servers.

Note: This is a highly sensitive modifying app specially designed to hack offline games. Also, Perfect Route is required to work on any device. This is fine if you have already connected your device. Otherwise, you need any rooting APK to enable root on your device’s operating system. If you try to debug you will be immediately banned.

File Information

Package Name
Op. System
Android 4.0
560 KB
Mar 22nd, 2019

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