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A 2D MMORPG game that lets you do virtually anything you want.



Growtopia APK is a huge online sandbox. It is a 2D MMORPG game that lets you do virtually anything you want: from building massive castles to creating puzzles that other players can solve. It’s all fun because you steal things from other players… and other players will steal from you too.

It welcomes Android users to one of the world’s most advanced sandboxes. The game offers a 2D platform where any user can become a hero. It presents a multi-pixel world with amazing opportunities to do something. Be part of a diverse community Growtopia offers you a diverse community that hosts millions of players from all over the planet.

Why should we download Growtopia APK?

The possibilities are endless in Growtopia APK, and once you start playing, you’ll find lots of fun little games inside. The most striking feature of Growtopia is that it is a sandbox. In other words, you can unleash your imagination in this game with whatever you can imagine. That doesn’t mean you can only do things as you can in Minecraft, no; You can create songs, graphics, levels, puzzles, and more.

The most enjoyable part is definitely interacting with the rest of the users, visiting the millions of worlds created by others, and enjoying the experience. At first, you might get overwhelmed by some of the features available to you, but once you get used to it, you will realize how amazing this game is. Plus, when you create an account, you can play with your Android smartphone as well as Windows, Mac, or iOS.

How to play Growtopia APK?

Simply type a name in the global search box to enter a new world. Start drilling through the dirt and cave background. You will also find dirt, dirt seeds, cave wallpapers, cave wallpaper seeds, and some gems. Keep whatever you find and keep breaking blocks until the number of jewels reaches 50. You must use 50 earned gems to buy a small lock.

By becoming Growtopia Pro you can earn up to 1000 Gems through Tap Joy offers, which can be boring, but you get a recycling tool that lets you exchange unwanted items like dirt for just a few gems! In addition, you get new skin colors, which are red, green, cyan, magenta, and white, Or if you want you can break a few more blocks until you save about 200 gems.


These are the features in this game:

  • Build anything from castles to basements and skyscrapers to puzzles. Now you can recreate scenes from your favorite movies.
  • Unique item; Create unique and rare items for yourself now.
  • Exploration Feature The game includes endless worlds for you to explore.
  • Enjoy playing mini-games Now enjoy many mini-games like parkour, racing, and PVP battles.
  • The game offers monthly updates that include new and exciting events to play and items to collect.
  • Cross-platform navigation options; Play anywhere now. Share your game progress on any of your mobile devices with just one desktop client.

Create your world and join the community

Growtopia APK is a sandbox adventure game for Android devices where you can create your own virtual world and interact with thousands of other players. The game has a large community of users and you can build anything you want: castles, dungeons, space stations, skyscrapers … anything you can think of. Plus you can create and customize your own character.

In the beginning, you’ll have to build your Growtopia character and get ready to explore the whole new world of Grotopia. The game has a significant social component, which allows you to invite other users to your created world as well as meet them. It also allows you to enjoy mini-games and create items that can be traded.

About Growtopia APK

Growtopia APK is just a 2D world where you can create whatever you want with anyone you like. Now it is working to create unique and mind-blowing masterpieces using social media like Facebook and not only that, you can fill them with anything you like. There is no limit to the type of sports entertainment and there are no rules to follow.

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