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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Niantic, Inc

About Pokemon Go

Do you remember the very famous cartoon Pokemon? We are here with a game called Pokemon Go APK, which includes adventure and puzzles same as the cartoon and is very fun to play.

An imaginary Pokemon appears in your house, and as you move around your neighbors, you’ll encounter more creatures.

Let’s go through the features of the Pokemon Go game:

3D Graphics: This game has great 3D graphics due to the GPS feature and your character will move when you step into real life.

Map: The map of this game is original as it uses GPS and makes the game realistic.

New Pokémon: Pokémon GO covers all Pokémon species so you can catch all the new Pokémon to become a new era trainer.

GPS Feature: This feature is the best ever because GPS uses the real location so that Pokemon will appear at your real location and it makes the game look good.

New Poke Items: The game includes all the advanced Pokemon items that are used to fix Pokemon problems like heals, proteins, Pokemon balls, potions, berries, etc.

Free: This game is completely free and you don’t need any money to play this game. All its features can be used without payment.

Download Pokemon Go game on your phone and start enjoying playing this game.

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Download APK
APK 0.285.1 (132 MB)
Safety Check:

The Pokemon Go has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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