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Play as a stupid but brave guard!



Slendytubbies APK is a horror game, players need to survive here. Each mode has different scenes and content, and the game backgrounds are awesome. This night is so dark that there is nothing to see. It’s a little scary to play with. Beware of terrible enemies.

As the story progresses, keeping busy changes the player’s perspective. Unfortunately, some sloppy graphics and clumsy controls don’t always bode well with the awful aspect of the game. Gamers will enjoy this horror fan literature, even more, when Teletubby is just Teletubby going through horrifying events through obstacles.

Why should we download Slendytubbies APK?

The game feels like the opening of Kingdom Hearts on Destiny Island before dark, and in Slenderitubi, the black haze rears its ugly head. Starting with a limited third-person perspective per room, much like the early days of Silent Hill, the game develops from a first-person perspective as you hold a camera and record any unusual activity. As the story progresses, the perspective changes and the player remains on his toes.

Unfortunately, some of the less sophisticated textures and clear controls don’t always support the horror element of horror games. This horror fan fiction makes players laugh even more as fall victim to these events when only Teletubbies happen.

How to play Slendytubbies APK?

In this game, you will take on the role of a silly but brave guardian! Eventually, Joe agrees to place the cup of cream in a large area where the crazy Slendytubbies are hanging out. You have to be very careful, you can take a plate of cream and walk from corner to corner SlendyTubbies APK with a cleaver in hand!

Story of the game

Few mergers or crossovers are significant in the world – and the Slendytubbies could be one of them. Slendytubbies APK is developed through conspiracy theories and the history of the Slenderman-Slendertubbies horror that is strange and unique to the characters of the children’s series. With Slendytubbies point and click puzzles and a full-fledged written campaign of ambient horror, it reaches the same high level of child-friendly horror as Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

As a result, like in the first few minutes of Kingdom Hearts, the game is played before dark on Destiny Island, and in Slendytubbies, she rears her ugly head in full force in the gloomy fog. The game begins with a limited third-person view of each room, as was the case in the early days of Silent Hill, and a first-person perspective when you hold the camera and capture all the horrific events.


These are the features offered by Slendytubbies on your phone.

  • No ads.
  • Free series.
  • Free to download.
  • High-quality performance
  • The interface is easy to use.
  • Registration is not required.
  • An easy and seamless connection
  • Fantastic collection of movies and shows.

Note: Note that this port is enabled for running on Android devices. Because of this, the game will look graphically different from the desktop version.

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