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YMWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that lets you use the amazing WhatsApp interface designs. With the help of this WhatsApp mod, you will have a lot of new WhatsApp features that you can not even imagine in the official WhatsApp.

By using YMWhatsApp, you will have the option to read deleted messages along with the group message counter. With the help of this anti-ban mod, you can hide blue ticks on the chat screen and have more custom privacy settings.

About YMWhatsApp Mod

YMWhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp Messenger that helps you in several ways. You will have many privacy options while using this WhatsApp mod on your phone. You can make a video call by tapping on the video call icon.

You will have almost the same features as the original version of WhatsApp as well as some new WhatsApp interface designs. You will have the status downloading option with a custom privacy feature that will help you to save your privacy from others.

Functions of YMWhatsApp

By using the YMWhatsApp, you can change font style and send files to others. You can click on the camera icon to send videos or pictures from the camera directly You can download the latest version of YMWhatsApp and disable the forwarding limit. You can send original-quality images.

You can read the deleted messages with the help of anti-delete messages on your phone. All the features provided in this third-party app will make you love this app. You can save the status of your contacts with the help of an inbuilt status downloader.

Get Group Message Counter

Sometimes we use WhatsApp to check the last seen of others. This makes us pitiful to open WhatsApp again and again. With the help of YMWhatsApp, you will not have to do this anymore.

You can simply use your WhatsApp mod on your phone and whenever someone in your contacts is online, you will get a notification. In this way, you will not have to check others from time to time, and it’s up to you how many messages you want to send.

Read Deleted Messages Using YMWhatsApp

If you are fed up with thinking about the messages that are deleted by the other side and do not want to ask others to send that message again then you can simply install YMWhatsApp on your phone. With the help of this mod, you will be able to read all the messages that are deleted without asking others. In this way, you will not have to ask others.

Features of YM WhatsApp Mod

Privacy settings: If you don’t want to show your WhatsApp online, you can freeze your last WhatsApp with one click. It doesn’t matter if you use WhatsApp, once you have enabled this feature it will not show you online.

With this feature, you can use WhatsApp without any problem as your last see will not be visible to another person. You can freeze the last scene whenever you want and disable it whenever you want

Complete Antiban: This is one of the most important features of any WhatsApp modded version as it will help them protect their official WhatsApp number from being banned. YMWA developers made sure to include this feature in the latest version. Now you don’t have to worry about the WhatsApp team blocking you.

DND Mode: If you want to use another app but are troubled by WhatsApp calls and messages. Now you can simply disconnect YM WhatsApp from the Internet so that you can use other Internet access apps besides YM WhatsApp. You can also disable YMWhatsApp only Contacts option so that no one bothers you in airplane mode.

Block WhatsApp with a PIN: Built-in App Lock lets you block or save your conversations. Lock your chats with a PIN or password. You will be able to access this inbuilt app lock only if you enter the correct PIN. In this way, you can lock WhatsApp. There are many extra features in this anti-ban app.

Share videos and audio up to 100MB: The official version allows users to send video or audio over a certain limit. It compressed the quality and trimmed the original video as well. YMWA allows you to send large files up to 100MB and up to 500MB for audio and video recording. You can send videos separately from individual chats.

Is YMWhatsApp any Different From Other WhatsApp Mods?

Using WhatsApp mods such as GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, and FMWhatsApp will provide you with more features than the official app. You can change the font style. You can see the deleted status on your WhatsApp account with the help of deleted status view. You can also use the dark mode which will help you use this modded version in darkness.

There are many things that are added to the mod version. The clear adaptive cache and added Netflix sans font style will be liked by you. There are some bug fixes in this clone package. You can upload images or profile pictures in great quality. There are performance improvements in document file sharing for individual chats. Also, send high-quality images.

Download YMWhatsApp APK on Your Android Device

Click on the download button to get the download link of YMWhatsApp. In this way, you can download YMWhatsApp in the latest version. Now go to the settings of your android device and enable unknown sources.

Go to the file manager and tap on the install button. You can also use the same method to get the updated version of YMWhatApp. Moreover, you can delete the APK file from the phone’s external storage.

Note: Using WhatsApp mods may not provide you with a safe and secure experience of chatting.

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