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GioWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp. It is known as one of the best WhatsApp mod (Gio WhatsApp) because it offers many features that are not available on the official version of WhatsApp. There is a very intense competition between this mod with other WhatsApp mods.

This mod was created to provide WhatsApp users with many additional features that they always wanted in their app because the original one comes with a few features. You should download Gio WhatsApp APK file so that you can also get advantages of the features of Gio WhatsApp.

About GioWhatsApp

Gio WhatsApp APK is certainly one of the most used WhatsApp mods and it can easily take place in the top 10 mods of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp mods basically provide you with more features. Hence, Gio WhatsApp also has many features in the latest version.

As we told you this is one of the most popular messaging apps but it does not mean that you can only send a text or video message to your friends or family by using Gio WhatsApp. You can do a lot more than you think with the help of this modified app.

Many people ask if Gio WhatsApp is legal or not. Let me clear you, this mod is not legal but it does not mean that you can not use it. You can easily download and install this mod by enabling unknown sources and using it on your iOS device as well as on your android device.

Why Do GioWhatsApp Is Getting Popular?

Mods are now a trending topic because they offer more features than the original one which is why people prefer using mods over the official apps. With the incredible and amazing features of Gio WhatsApp APK, people are loving using this mod same as GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Mix.

This is one of the main reasons which is why this mod is getting popular. You will not only get the same features of the original WhatsApp but also be provided with many amazing features such as a status saver, anti-ban protection, and many more by downloading Gio WhatsApp.

Functions of Gio WhatsApp APK

Gio WhatsApp has many functions that you will like immediately if I tell you. You can set a pattern to protect your chats in the app. You can customize the whole app according to your own wishes such as changing the color of text or background.

In this popular messaging app, you can also hide the audio or call icons when you make a call or listen to a voice in this mod. You can not do all these things if you use the official version of WhatsApp offered by Facebook Messenger.

Privacy Configuration In GioWhatsApp

When you download Gio WhatsApp APK file on your android devices, you will be able to control your privacy more than you do in the official WhatsApp. In the original app, you can only block people who irritate you from your contact list or mute their status so that you may not view their status accidentally.

But in the modded version of this APK file, you are allowed to view the statuses of your contacts without telling them that you have viewed their statuses. Moreover, if you do not like anyone then you can block them on WhatsApp.

Features of Gio WhatsApp

Anti-Ban: Install Gio WhatsApp because its new version comes with anti-ban protection. It means you will not get banned from the official servers if you download GioWhatsApp on your android phone.

Chat Backup: You can make a backup of your chat and whenever you need to use your WhatsApp on another android device, you can easily copy WhatsApp data on your android phones using that backup.

Hide Blue Ticks: Same as the FM WhatsApp mod, you can also hide your blue ticks in Gio WhatsApp when someone sends you messages and you antecedently read them.

Customizable Interface: Gio WhatsApp allow you to customize your user interface in your android operating system that you can not do in the official app.

Change Font Style: To make your messaging look changed, you can change the font style and select the fonts of your own choice. You will be provided with so many font styles in Gio WhatsApp so that you will not have any problems choosing the right fonts.

Clear Call Logs: If you do not want others to see whom you talked to on GioWhatsApp, then you can clear your call logs. In this way, all the call history will be deleted.

Share Large Media Files: By installing GioWhatsApp on your android phone, you can send large-sized files without cutting. In this way, you can send a large-sized complete video in a single time.

Send More Files: Are you fed up with selecting and sending files again and again? Now only select the images and other files as much as you want to send with the help of GioWhatsApp and save your time.

Set WhatsApp Usage Schedule: Install GioWhatsApp APK file on your mobile device and set a WhatsApp usage time that notifies your time and updates you that you are using GioWhatsApp more than usual.

Advantages and Disadvantages


You can watch the stats of your friends and let them know by sending replies. Send more multimedia files and long-duration videos using this WhatsApp mod.


You will have to update this mod because it is not an official app that you find on the play store and update through official app distribution services.

Get The Latest Version Of GioWhatsApp APK File

If you want to use the GioWhatsApp features, then you will need this APK download in the latest version. GioWA mod will be downloaded when you click on the download button to get the download link because this modified version is not available in the google play store.

The installation process is the same as other popular messaging apps that are downloaded from outside of the play store. By simply tapping on the unknown sources you will enable it. Go to the file manager and open WhatsApp to install it.

To use the updated version of this app, click on the download button. In this way, you can update GioWhatsApp.

Note: The modified versions of the apps can not be considered as safe as the original app, that’s why it is best to use the official apps. Moreover, the mod developers continue to keep an eye on your personal data too.

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