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Red WhatsApp

Red WhatsApp


Red WhatsApp is one of the best-modified versions of WhatsApp without any restrictions and offers some great features to users that they cannot find in the official app. By using this app, you will have a more personalized and private experience that you’ll love.

With advanced features and attractive design, WhatsApp Red aims to provide users with a dynamic and personalized messaging platform.

Let’s read the features of the Red WhatsApp below:

Freeze Last Seen: If you don’t want to tell your contact when you were last active, you can manually freeze last seen from Settings.

Anti-delete: By enabling the Anti-delete option from settings Red WhatsApp lets you see messages even after the sender deletes them, ensuring you never miss any deleted information.

Hide View: If you don’t want to show your contact that you’ve seen their status, you can hide the status view from Settings in Red WhatsApp.

Disable Forwarding: If you disable the forwarding flag for messages, you will be able to forward any message to the rest of your contacts and none of them will receive the forward tag.

Delete Status: Enable the Delete Status option in Red WhatsApp. If you do this and one of your contacts deletes the status before you see it, it will remain there for 24 hours.

Read Receipts: Disable the read receipts option allows you to secretly read messages without showing blue ticks to the sender.

Security: Protect your WhatsApp Red with a password or pattern. Even if your phone supports fingerprint reading security, this app will also allow you to set it up.

Viewed Status: If you don’t want to share your status with certain friends, you can hide your status by selecting only the contacts you don’t want to share your status with.

Background: Set the background of your choice, choose any picture, image, or any solid color as the background for the chat and main menu.

Schedule messages: Set your message schedule or you can also set up automatic replies. If you’re not online and someone sends you a text, you can set up an automatic reply by typing any default message.

Download the APK of Red WhatsApp on your phone to use all the above features.

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APK 36.00 (79 MB)
Safety Check:

The Red WhatsApp has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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