Getting the freedom to customize the app with a better visual experience.


FMWhatsApp is an exciting WhatsApp mod that gives you complete privacy and some unusual features that are not available in the original WhatsApp and which enhances the wonderful experience of chatting with friends. Once you download FM WhatsApp, you will have a great WhatsApp status. Get the latest version of FM WhatsApp with all its new features.

Mods are always a better option than the actual apps, as is the case with WhatsApp. If you have already used the latest version or are looking for a newer version, FMWhatsApp will make things easier for you. This modified version offers many features that the original app will not give you.

Why should we download FMWhatsApp?

If you don’t like the basic WhatsApp features and want something else that comes with some extra functionality, then this FMWhatsApp is most important for you. The freedom to customize the content comes with a better visual experience. The app allows character satisfaction. Users can get a wide range of beauty testimonials with this app that comes with unlimited add-ons.

FMWhatsApp is one of the latest versions used by many people. This is a custom version that comes with additional features developed by Fouad Mod Apps. (Developed by Fouad Mokdad) This app is not available on Google Play Store, but you can download it from third-party websites.

Functions of FMWhatsApp

In the original application, if you do not want other people to contact you via WhatsApp, you can hide your last time, but if they close their eyes and stop moving, it will be visible to others time lags. You can expect this feature to come to the native WhatsApp in the near future, but FM WhatsApp introduced it long ago. As we get more and more reliable texting and VoIP, we need more functionality than ever to replace traditional calling and SMS.

Call blocking is one of the key features. An interesting feature of this mod is that it offers a wide range of custom color schemes. These themes enhance the beauty of the app and make the chat screen more attractive. Fonts and icons are important experiences when using mobile apps (especially messaging apps). So, if you prefer custom fonts or are tired of stock icons, you can pick up some interesting fonts from the Theme Store.

More privacy options

With so many opportunities for its developers, FM WhatsApp manages to hide typing, recording as well as blue scan, clock, and status display. Original WhatsApp works quite differently to give you privacy. There is no option to hide typing and audio recording status. Regardless of the accounts, the situation is different.

Because of this amazing feature, you can see the status of your contacts but the interesting thing about this feature is that they will not know that you have seen this status. With FM WhatsApp you can see your friends, but they can’t see you. You can use this mod to cover your last seen and see other people for the last time.

Emojis and stickers

Everyone agrees that WhatsApp has a user interface, not to mention boring and dull emojis. On the other hand, this mod offers a variety of emoji options such as Facebook, Android, Emoji One V3, Old Stock Emoji, Apple Emoji, etc. That’s why most of the youth are attracted to this mod.

Anti-delete messages and status

In this mod, if someone sends you a message and deletes it immediately, make sure that the message will not be deleted from your device due to the message security feature provided by FM WhatsApp. It is also said to be one of the best features of this mod.

Just like the anti-delete feature of messages, FMWhatsApp also gives you anti-delete status. This means that if someone uploads a status 24 hours ago and deletes it, that status will not be deleted for you for 24 hours.

Features of FM WhatsApp

  • Anti-ban
  • App lock features
  • Spread the message
  • Disable the blue tick.
  • Cancellation Prevention.
  • Change the personal icon.
  • Send 100MB of audio at once.
  • Share the video in high quality.
  • Share photos in full resolution.
  • Hide writing and recording status.
  • App launcher and notification icons
  • Disable forwarding tags on messages.
  • Pin your favorite conversations easily.
  • Send large amounts of data up to 700 megabytes.

Advantages of FMWhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is a version that provides useful features that are not present in the native application. It doesn’t matter whether we are using the original app or the modified app, we are always on the lookout for the best app that can give us the best features.

Things like personalization, privacy, security, and innovation are always ready to give our customers a better experience using this communication platform.

File Information

Package Name
Op. System
Android 4.0.3
55 MB
03 Dec 2021

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