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Plus Messenger APK is the fastest messaging app on the market because it uses infrastructure distributed all over the world to connect users to the closest possible server. It is an unofficial mod of the popular messaging app developed by the same team that made WhatsApp Plus successful.

Plus Messenger APK is a free social networking software for Android, developed by Raffles. The software is available in German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Hindi, Chinese, English, and Arabic. Designed to deliver your messages using the lowest byte possible, Plus Messenger is the most trusted messaging client ever.

Why Was Plus Messenger APK Created?

The app is a modified version of Telegram that adds new features that the official app lacks. It is an unofficial mod of the popular messaging app developed by the same team that made WhatsApp Plus successful. The rest is the same as in the original app, including every feature that makes Telegram a safe and powerful instant messaging app.

The features that distinguish it from the original are many: the ability to change the interface color and theme, a new option that allows you to share music with contacts, group phone conversations as well as your one-on-one conversations. Possibility to hide the phone number and the option not to show notifications every time a screenshot is taken in the private chat.

What can we do using this app?

It has state-of-the-art customization options that allow you to design and recreate your own version of Telegram to make it feel the way you want it to look.

  • Separate chat tabs: users, groups, channels, bots, favorites, unread, and admin/creators.
  • Lots of options to make your cropped tabs smaller.
  • Multi-account (up to 10)
  • Use phone emojis and lines.
  • Save and restore settings plus.
  • Chat counter.
  •  Create custom groups of chats (family, work, sports…)
  • Categories can be saved and restored.
  • Change the default application folder.
  • Different sorting methods for a chat.
  • Pinned conversation limit increased to 100.
  • The limit for favorite stickers has been increased to 20.
  • Show users floating notifications when they are online/typing.
  • Select all chats and apply different options (read, mute/mute, save…)
  • Forward messages without context. Edit the message/caption before forwarding.
  • Save the document using the real names of the document.
  • Copy the text message selection.
  • Adjust the image quality before sending the image.
  • Show user bio in user chat.
  • Add the time to the floating gate in the chat.
  • Start the video tour with the main camera.
  • Show download progress.
  • Quickly switch between chats via the quick bar.
  • Chat Show user messages and media in group chats.
  • Show/hide the mute/mute button from the channels.
  • Check out over 10 different bubbles and designs.
  • Hide mobile number from navigation menu drawer and setting menu.
  • Show username instead of mobile number in the navigation menu.
  • Switch to night mode easily from the navigation menu.
  • Show/hide option from the navigation menu.

About the app

Plus Messenger APK is a messaging app that uses the Telegram API. Moreover, this APK adds some extra features to the official Telegram app. This Messenger provides secret chat. Chat messages can be programmed to self-destruct on both devices. Your phone number can be easily hidden from the options and settings menu. It’s free, secure, and worthwhile.

Note: Plus Messenger APK is an unofficial app that uses Telegram API. Use this app at your own responsibility.

File Information

Package Name
Op. System
Android 4.1+
33.56 MB
Nov 6th, 2021

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