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A running action game.



Temple Run APK is an action game similar to the subgenre of “Endless Runners” in which you have to overcome all the obstacles that come your way, not necessarily less. It is a running action game inspired by the Indiana Jones adventure chase scene.

It run in a never-ending (and futile) effort to escape from angry apes creatures. Unproductive because the game will end and your player will die somehow. It is a great fighting game. In this game, you will see that you have stolen a cursed idol from the temple.

Now you have to run for your life to get rid of the evil monster monkeys. Temple Run game for Android will test your anxiety in a fun game in which you have to run the temple non-stop and avoid obstacles.

When you climb the walls of the ancient temple more freely, you will be able to observe its manifestations. In this game, you have to roll and jump to avoid obstacles, collect coins, buy power-ups and unlock new characters. You play as long as possible.

Why should we download Temple Run APK?

Temple Run APK is a very entertaining game that fits perfectly with the controls of your Android device. This is a good thing to do, and it should end there. The graphics of the game are great, it has great 3D models and textures which are generally very well done.

Also, the design is not bad which makes the screen very pleasant to watch. It is an addictive game for Android where you have to escape from the treasures of carnivorous monkeys by charging Bobby from a maze of trapped temples.

Unlike other similar games, in which your control is limited to jumping to avoid obstacles in a 2D context, in Temple Run Game, you have to perform several activities: slide your finger across the screen to change your character. , and quit your Android. To steer left or right, slide the device from side to side, slide it up to jump, and slide down to slide it on the ground.

You have to collect as many coins as you can while running through all kinds of obstacles, including holes in the ground, tree branches, and fire traps. This is especially important because with them you can buy various upgrades for your characters, such as magic and special skills, as well as new characters and some other rewards here and there.

The gameplay of Temple Run APK

The game begins with a scene where a group of terrifying monkeys is thrown out of the temple by a group of creatures, from where you have to run for as long as possible. The game begins as you steal gold statues from the treasure trove of angry devil monkeys who then follow you through a series of dilapidated roads in the rain forest.

Swipe up to jump over roots and pores, swipe down to slide down obstacles, and swipe left and right to steer. Collect gold coins and power-ups along the way, including magnets, invisible clothes, and sprints. The more you run, the higher your score. It is better not to have breakfast than to starve a hungry crocodile or an angry monkey.

How to play Temple Run APK?

Temple Run APK is a very simple and easy game. Once you touch the idol, the game starts and the wild monkeys will start chasing you as you try to run away. Swipe left and right to change direction, and tilt the phone left or right to change play access.

Swipe down to scroll and swipe up to jump. Players can die in a number of ways, from being killed by a group of monkeys to running off a cliff or hitting their heads on a lower branch. Slide your finger left or right to take sharp turns without any movement.

Slide your finger to the bottom of the screen and scroll down the bottom obstacles without a hitch. Lift your finger and jump over the pits and obstacles. Tilt your device to change its position on the screen. Use this technique to avoid obstacles and collect coins. Collect coins and gems as you roam the temple. Spend it in the in-game store to get all kinds of promotions.


Use boosts to accelerate and speed yourself up which allows you to cross all obstacles without the possibility of death. Quickly level up mega coins to get the most out of coins all at once. Get a coin magnet to automatically draw all the coins for you.

Use your invincibility to become invincible against all obstacles. Nothing can cause you to stumble, nor will the fire burn you, and the pits will be covered so that you can pass over them. Activate coin value power to increase the value of all coins in Temple Run for a limited time.


  • The swipe and tilt controls in this game are very simple and easy to use.
  • In this Temple Run game, you can level up your character and use crazy power-ups.
  • You’ll find basic 3D mechanics that combine rotation, jumping, sliding, and tilting.
  • You can play seven different roles in this game.
  • This is the leaderboard in the game center, you can get a good position in the leaderboard by competing with your friends. You can win by competing with your friends.


  • Smooth controls
  • Atmospheric graphics
  • Items can be upgraded


  • Not a very visible type
  • This game is very addictive

In-app purchase

Temple Run Game offers in-app purchases for upgrades and new characters. It is possible to get credits for these items, but it will take some time as you need to collect coins to buy new power-ups and characters. Step into the temple alongside one of seven characters, including Guy Dangerous, Francisco Montoya de Conestador, and rising soccer star Zack Wonder.

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What's new

A gift of gold awaits the players seeking the nostalgia of the adventure that began it all.

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