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Fight for the hopes of the dead.



Zombie Tsunami APK is an endless runner that manages to bring something new to the genre. Instead of controlling just one person, you will lead a wave of zombies that will increase or decrease depending on the number of people you bite. It is a fun and unique endless runner game with more than three hundred different missions that add some variety to its gameplay.

In addition, the graphics of the game are much more attractive and better performing than it seems at first glance.  You will cut as many people as you want and add them to your ranks. The zombie tsunami worldwide exceeded 200 million. Eat your friends, and challenge them to a crazy race by destroying everything in your path.

Why should we download Zombies Tsunami APK?

Zombies are rebelling! Attack the city with a group of zombies, turn pedestrians into zombies, and create the largest group ever. This is what happens. This time, you are a zombie and humans are your prey. Hunt them down and turn them into one of your species to finally take over the entire planet. You can use a variety of tools such as bonuses and power-ups in your quest for bravery. Spread the zombie apocalypse with the zombie tsunami!

You can control a group of zombies by downloading Zombie Tsunami. You will start with only one zombie, but when you can bite other people, you will be able to add more zombies as well. Players can collect coins and rewards and complete missions.


It is an endless runner game. It includes over 300 different missions that add some variety to its gameplay. The graphics of the game are very attractive.

  • 9 different settings.
  • Special power-ups and bonuses.
  • More than 300 different missions.
  • Try to survive, always get at least one zombie.
  • Hunt down humans to bite them and add them to your collection.

How to play Zombie Tsunami APK?

In Zombie Tsunami, escape the city, attack the hapless survivors and take your place among hordes of lifeless people, join them in an endless horde of hot and hungry horror. During the race, you will meet single people who make easy targets as well as obstacles like different vehicles (cars, buses, etc.) that require a certain number of zombies in your tsunami to move through.

It’s a zombie tsunami out there, and everyone is invited! Eat your friends and challenge them to a crazy race. During the race, you will be alone with the people who make easy goals. For example, a car might need four zombies to associate its group of passengers with a tsunami.

If you have less, you have to dodge it otherwise you will lose some zombies. The typical zombie tsunami game includes many power-ups to turn your zombie into a zombie ninja, a soccer player, or even a dragon.

About Zombie Tsunami APK

Zombie Tsunami APK is the perfect game for anyone who likes this kind of running game. This time, groups of zombies are the main characters – the game offers fast gameplay, great graphics, special effects, and good playability.

Playing as a hungry zombie, Zombie Tsunami asks you to hunt down the helpless citizens of the city. During the massacre, you will receive rewards that will give you superpowers that will allow you to put aside everything in your path. Zombie Tsunami pays attention to detail in the visuals and characters, which makes it really cool to watch and play.

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What's new

  • Xmas events
  • Bugfix and improvements
  • Optimized for larger screens
  • Blast Processing

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Package Name
Op. System
4.4 and up
69.31 MB
Dec 4th, 2021

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