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Break all the blocks with your ball just by tapping on the screen.



Stack Ball APK is a simple arcade game where you have to go through all the stacked blocks to reach the base and thus pass the levels. Break all the blocks with your ball just by tapping on the screen. Stack Ball is a relaxing game for Android in which our goal is to destroy a pile of blocks with one ball. There are hundreds of levels available in this addictive game that will test your accuracy and patience.

Overcome hundreds of challenges by bringing the ball to the ground while avoiding black bars. Your ball hits the colored platform like a brick that prevents it from landing, but if it hits a black game, it’s all over! Your ball will crash and you will have to start falling again.

Why should we download Stack Ball APK?

Stack Ball APK is an interesting game. This helps the ball make its way to the ground. Colorful and attractive to look at. An incredible number of free levels. Stack Ball APK is a 3D arcade game where players break, collide and bounce through a rotating helix platform to reach the end. But even the black platforms do not compete with the fireballs falling at full speed!

Open different shapes besides the ball. It is a relaxing video game for Android where we have to break all the stacked blocks to reach the base and complete different levels. It offers us some really cool graphics, tons of colors, and hundreds of levels that make it a great fun thing to enjoy on our smartphones.

The gameplay of the Stack Ball APK

Gameplay is very common for this type of game. The gameplay consists mainly of tapping the screen to break the blocks on a platform that moves with the ball. Your goal is to break them all and reach the base of the stack and try to avoid hitting the dark areas, otherwise, the game is over. Simple and easy to play.

Choose your strategy: speed up or stop like crazy and wait for your next chance to roll and jump. The goal is to break them down and get to the bottom of the pile. Avoid hitting those black squares because if we do, the game will be over.

How to play this game?

Once started, you will see a ball on the screen constantly bouncing on the platform below you. The ball will bounce on the rotating platform until you slip it down. Be prepared to use your anxiety as you help the ball land on the platform by constantly spinning. Stack Ball control is nothing more than tapping on the screen. Crazy speed and bright, vibrant graphics.

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