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WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of official WhatsApp that comes along with many interesting features that you can not use in the original WhatsApp app. When it comes to WhatsApp mods, you will find great options in this app.

WhatsApp Plus APK download provides the same features as the original app but you can also get advantages of more features in the WA bots menu. You can make video calls and also get in-app translation in this simple WhatsApp modification consisting of many features.

About WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is one of the amazing WhatsApp mods that you can easily use for its features. You can download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK on your android device if you are fed up with the old and same interface of the official WhatsApp.

This app has many unique features that will make your day. You can do all the things that are restricted in the official WhatsApp app. You can easily hide your online status so that your friends or anyone in the contact list assume that you are not using WhatsApp for a very long time and thus they will not annoy you by messaging and calling you.

Why Do Users Download WhatsApp Plus APK?

Some users who find the original app boring, can download WhatsApp Plus APK file on their phones and have a great time using it. You will love to use this modified version of the original app will prove to be a blessing to you.

This WhatsApp app is not available in the google play store so you will have to download WhatsApp Plus from third-party sites. Moreover, you will get the latest version of this APK app on your android device manually.

Reasons to Install WhatsApp Plus APK File

There are many reasons that will make you fall for this modified version. You can easily get this WhatsApp mod from here without spending money on anything. It means you will not get charged for downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus APK on your phone.

You will also have end-to-end encryption in this WhatsApp mod just like the official WhatsApp messenger. It means your chats are safe and no one even WhatsApp unable to read your chats on the conversation screen.

Functions of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus has many amazing functions that will help you not get bored with this app. You can hide the writing status in case you do not want others to notice that you are writing something. You can also hide blue ticks in this APK version so that no one notices that you have read the message accidentally.

You are also provided with the advanced file sharing option which means you will not need to worry about the sharing of your media files. Now you can share as much data as you want with your contacts because you will not have the limitations of sending limited-sized media unlike in the official version of WhatsApp.

Get an Amazing WhatsApp Mod of Official WhatsApp

There are many mod versions of WhatsApp such as GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and OGWhatsApp but you will find WhatsApp Plus APK a bit different than others. It provides end-to-end encryption for your WhatsApp chats and also helps you to send messages on your behalf just like in the WhatsApp Business accounts.

This mod WhatsApp can easily be downloaded on your android phone and used as the original WhatsApp among other android apps. Now, you will not find any issue related to the blue mic. The reason is the blue mic icon issue has been resolved.

Use WhatsApp Plus Along With Original WhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus is not available on the Google play store so you will have to get this WhatsApp mod from third-party websites. But it does not mean that you will need to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp to use this mod WhatsApp.

You can use both versions of WhatsApp on the same device. So if you are already using the original app and do not want to uninstall it then you do not need to do it. You can easily use multiple accounts on your phone.

Features Of WhatsApp Plus

Personalization: From customizing the chat screen to changing the chat layout and changing the color of your theme, WhatsApp Plus has many options for its users. Not only that, you can download and apply your own theme. This is awesome and looks great for your messages screen, isn’t it?

Anti-Ban: The authorities have banned the previous version of this app. But this version is Anti-ban, and it comes with a security layer feature that protects your account from restrictions. So, WhatsApp company will not get banned you from using WhatsApp Plus APK on your phone.

Hide Options: WhatsApp Plus app has provided unique privacy features to its users. With WhatsApp Plus APK download, you can easily hide your status for each contact, DP/Profile picture, and blue tick. This android app has many other interesting features like hiding typing states, hide call visible states, single tick, and last seen option also available in this android app.

Theme Support: Themes: In WhatsApp Plus app, you get the option to install themes. WhatsApp Plus themes can be downloaded directly from the app. It has many themes to choose from.
It app has more than 700 built-in themes that help you customize your WhatsApp to suit your needs. 700+ themes mean there are different options to choose from. You can make your WhatsApp beautiful by choosing your favorite theme. Themes are installed automatically and sorted by name, date, and version.

Wide calling options: The wide calling option in WhatsApp Plus allows users to add up to eight people in a video call or voice call, which means you can enjoy group calling with all your friends without any interruption.

Dark Mode: You can still use Dark Mode in this app with better visibility. When you open WhatsApp, you may get irritated by its brightness. This feature is useful when using WhatsApp Plus at night.

Direct Message: This is an interesting feature; If you want to send a message or call a number that you have not saved in your phone contact, you can use this feature to call or send a message directly to anyone who uses WhatsApp.

Last Seen Frozen: Enabling this feature in WhatsApp Plus allows you to hide your online status from your contacts. No one will be able to see the last viewed status. So, you can get rid of irritating messages from your friends.

Contacts: This feature in WhatsApp Plus is useful from a privacy point of view. You can hide recordings between the blue tick, the second tick, the blue microphone, writing, and contacts.

Hide Blue Tick: In the original WhatsApp, users get ticks of different numbers. Single tick when your message is sent, double tick when your message is delivered, and double blue tick when you view it. With this feature, you can hide the fact that you have seen your contact message which is very useful to hide from others.

Writing Status: While composing a message, the app displays a number of dots indicating that you are writing to another user. With this feature, you can hide the embarrassment of not knowing what to say. You can type and delete multiple answers without showing that you’ve been trying to answer for a long time.

Groups: Like contacts, you can change the privacy settings for groups. Whatsapp Plus allows you to have different settings for your groups.

Auto Replies: Auto Reply is a feature available in the WhatsApp Business app, but it cannot be found in the regular WhatsApp app. This is where WhatsApp Plus comes in. The latest version gives you the opportunity to compile automated answers when you are too slow to type.
With the Auto Reply feature in WhatsApp Plus, you can create automatic replies and send replies to specific people whenever you are not available.

Call settings: You can choose who can contact me? Contacts, all my contacts, do not select anything but my contacts. Very useful for your privacy.

Chat: Under this feature in WhatsApp Plus, you will have three options to choose from. Disable forwarding, and anti-deletion, and show blue tick after replying. Enable it to use these options.

Status: Same goes for instances where you can hide visible instances and anti-delete instances. All you have to do is enable it.

Security: You get various security options like pattern lock and pin lock. In this way, if any of your friends o family members ever wanted to open your WhatsApp Plus app without your permission, they will need to enter the security password that you set to secure your WhatsApp chats by using app lock.

Add-ons: If you love sending stickers, you can try the WhatsApp Plus add-on. It has hundreds of striker packs and wallpapers. In this way, you can tell your emotional feelings to others without writing a long message.

Emoji Variants: You get a huge collection of emojis in this app. You have to download the emoji variant according to your taste. This app is full of different types of emojis in one place. Apply your old WhatsApp to iOS, Facebook, Android O, and more.

Font Style: Everyone wants to have different types of fonts and with this feature, you can have different font colors, shapes, styles, and sizes. There are many font styles for you to choose from. This font will be applied to the entire WhatsApp.

Photo/Video Mode: Pictures will be sent in the highest quality/resolution if you use WhatsApp Plus. You can also increase or decrease the image size. WhatsApp Plus app allows the user to share things in a way that is not supported by the official app. It allows you to share high-quality photos and videos longer than 30 seconds, the video size is 50MB and the audio size is 100MB.

History and Logs: WhatsApp Plus APK app is built with another great history and logs feature that the official app has not provided. This way you can keep track of every activity that happens on your account. This feature can be very useful to you in many ways.

Disable photo sharing limit: Send more than ten photo files at once in WhatsApp Plus. In this way, you will not have to select photos again and again and send them at once.

Multi-language support for apps: English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Hindi, German, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Malaysia, and Azerbaijani. It works like the Gtranslate app so you will not need to download it.

Wallpapers: Another incredible feature of this amazing app is its unlimited wallpapers. Everyone loves to put unique wallpapers on their wall and with this feature you can set cool wallpapers on your chat screen.

Hide Online Status: If you just want to track people or just browse WhatsApp without seeing anyone online, this feature is perfect for you! One of the common features of most WhatsApp mods APK files is the option to hide your online status. If you don’t want to talk to others these days, then you should enable this feature in WhatsApp Plus.

Recording Status: Like the writing status, you can hide your long, awkward thinking time in WhatsApp Plus when you come up with an answer using Recording status. This is one of the best WhatsApp mods that you can get from third-party sites but not on the Play store.

Sticker Packs: You can find cool stickers that you can move to your contacts from the website. Stay up to date with trending stickers so you always have the latest cool stickers. You can also create your own sticker collection if you can’t find something you like, and you’ll need to get the settings sticker packs to download.

Make Your Conversation Screen Customize

Tired of the simple old boring fonts of WhatsApp? Well, hold on to your horses because WhatsApp Plus offers all kinds of fonts. Want to show your cheapness and quirkiness through lines? Choose to use Comics Sans. Do you want to make your conversation beautiful? Must be cookie font or text font. For more customization, it’s great for fonts to show themselves through.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus


WhatsApp Plus provides many advanced features. You can hide writing status as well as voice note recording. You can read deleted messages along with the view status that is deleted. You can also resume voice note recording so that you can continue where you left the recording.

You will have more and more features than in the official version of WhatsApp. You will have the phone call option that will allow you to call in different ways. There is also the copy caption feature along with switch translation mode.

It does not only have all the same tools but also many features. In the menu WhatsApp, you can restore WhatsApp tab if you use it on your PC with the help of an android emulator. You can customize the user interface of this messaging app with many attractive features.


As you know, WhatsApp Plus is a modded version that is not created by the official servers of WhatsApp. That’s why if you want to install WhatsApp Plus APK, then you will need to keep the following things in mind that can be affected.

Downloading these types of third-party apps may affect your system. It may contain bugs and virus which can harm your device and can also steal your personal information without your permission and use it against you.

Get the Latest Version of WhatsApp Plus

If you are fed up with the original app and want WhatsApp Plus APK download on your phone, then you are at the right place. You can search the APK app name WhatsApp or directly click on the download button so that you can download WhatsApp Plus APK on your android devices with the help of a download link.

Go to the phone settings and enable unknown sources from there so that you can install WhatsApp Plus on your android devices. Find the downloaded APK file and tap to open it. Click on the install button and wait till the installation is completed.

Once the WhatsApp Plus APK is installed, you will need to enter some mandatory information and start using the incredible features of WhatsApp Plus on your phone.

Note: We do not recommend our users to use WhatsApp Plus as the main WhatsApp. Always back up your chats and use WhatsApp Plus APK as the secondary WhatsApp.

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