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NSWhatsApp is a modded app and can be considered a good alternative to the official WhatsApp as it provides you with many additional features to customize your app. It helps you bring a personal touch to its interface so that you can freely enjoy using this app.

To begin with, you will need to install the APK file of NS WhatsApp 3D and set up your WhatsApp account with your number. Then select any contact with whom you want to chat and you are ready to use its features.

Let’s get to know the features of NSWhatsApp 3D here:

Customization: With the ability to customize this app, you will find a lot of customization options such as changing fonts, app icons, and the color of the app.

Auto Reply: Generally, users cannot be online all the time. In this case, if you enable or set up an auto-responder, it should help you provide auto-answers in NSWhatsApp.

Hide Online Status: You can hide your online presence. No one knows whether you will be online or not. Also, it hides your last seen by hiding the blue tick.

Schedule to send messages: You can schedule messages to be sent at different times of your choice. So there is a possibility of missing an important message to send or share.

Lock specific chats: To maintain your privacy, you can lock some chats so that no one finds out with whom you are chatting NS WhatsApp 3D.

Share large files and photos: This version of WhatsApp allows sending files up to 2GB at a time. It also supports sharing up to 90 photos simultaneously.

Add more text characters: You can write 250 character status for NS WhatsApp 3D. However, the official WhatsApp app has only 139 characters.

Share large video files: This app allows sharing videos for up to 7 minutes. On the other hand, the native WhatsApp app only allows 30-second videos.

You should download NSWhatsApp on your device to get a more customized app.

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APK 9.95 (87 MB)
Safety Check:

The NSWhatsApp has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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