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Move your characters by tapping on the screen.



Disney Crossy Road APK is a remake of the original Crossy Road, featuring all your favorite Disney characters. More than a hundred different characters are available from Toy Story, Zootopia, The Lion King, The Haunted Mansion, Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, and many more.

Why should we download Disney Crossy Road APK?

If you’ve played the original Disney Crossy Road, don’t expect it to add anything mechanical to the formula. In this challenging arcade action, you tap the screen to move your character, while you swipe left, right, and back to move it in the desired direction.

In this new version of the game with 8-bit graphics for Android smartphones and tablets inspired by the classic Frogger, we must keep crossing the crowded streets to reach the other side safely and securely. , but with characters that make us all too familiar.

The gameplay in Disney Road Crossy APK

The gameplay in the Disney Crossy Road game is exactly what it was before. Your character moves when you tap on the screen, and when you swipe your finger in any direction and in what direction. With these simple controls, you will have to try to get as far as possible while avoiding the many obstacles that stand in your way.

You can manage the characters you are familiar with from Disney movies. You will go as far as possible without the classic crossover cars and water. Use Disney characters to reach higher levels of entertainment and unlock new characters. We recommend this game with great graphics.

How to play Disney Road Crossy APK?

Disney Crossy Road is a great arcade game for people of all ages. It features cross-road fun, traditional gameplay, and a variety of Disney characters. This is the perfect combination. When you start out, you will only have one character available, but of course, you can unlock many other characters as you play.

The best part is that each movie has its own settings, and you can unlock more than half a dozen different settings from popular Disney movies.

Disney characters

Since the truth is that the way this new version plays is very similar to the early development of Hopster Wheel, the only difference is that we can play with 100 different Disney characters, some of which will need to be unlocked during the game.

Therefore, you will be able to deal with all the necessary skills to dodge cars and other obstacles, such as frenzy or out-of-control barrels, classic characters such as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, as well as the main characters of Toy Story Zootopia or Wreck-It Ralph, among others.


  • Same hard game
  • Reasonable opening rate
  • It feels great with all the different movie worlds.
  • Download the content and watch them later without data.


  • Exactly the same game but with Disney

About Disney Road Crossy APK

Disney Crossy Road APK is a remake of the popular crossover production of the Hipster Wheel. It is created in partnership with Disney, is a brand new game on the mobile platform that has found me a hit for fans and arcade gamers who love me.

Disney and Hipster Whale have developed a new version of Crossy Road, called Disney Crossy Road, featuring the most famous Disney cartoon characters. People seem to have goddesses of emotion. The ability to play the world-famous creator of Disney cartoon series. Toy Story, Zotopia, Lion King, Cursed House, Sentence, Rumble, etc.

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