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Color Hole 3D

Color Hole 3D


About Color Hole 3D

If you like to play those games that test your skill and accuracy, you should try Color Hole 3D. In this game you control a black hole through which you have to absorb different structures in each level while trying to get out of the forbidden area.

You have to move the black hole around the map to collect every last piece. The idea is to make different constructions at each level disappear into the depths of the black hole.

These are the features of the Color Hole 3D game:

Exciting Action Levels: Each level in this hole game is more difficult than the last, and you will always have a new puzzle to solve.

Swipe and Go: Master IO in seconds with intuitive, easy-to-learn controls.

Challenge Your Skills: This game is perfect for those who like to test their reflexes and agility.

You can easily download Color Hole 3D and play this game for free.

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APK 1.4.2 (94 MB)
Safety Check:

The Color Hole 3D has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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